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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Alberta Court Documents vs DFS

MeowMix has obtained the file below from DFS. Jessica Yaniv Simpson made this filing in an Alberta Court in relation to a case against DFS. The documents are posted as received, without redaction.

UPDATED JAN 12, 2021. According to sources, one of which was DFS…. during DFS’s court hearing today, DFS’s lawyer and Mark Jackson, attorney for AHS, agreed that JYS’s affidavit – one of three filed by people trying to increase DFS’s sentence for contempt of court – needed further examination, possibly including cross examination of JY in court. JY’s past aggression towards DFS online and history of racist human rights complaints was brought up. JY was listening in to the case online. We’ve been told that upon hearing that a potential cross examination was coming, and that the Judge had concerns about JYS’s statements’ value in the case against DFS, that JY contacted Mark Jackson and withdraw his affidavit.

Original Jan 11 story below.

The MeowMix team remains firm in our stance that DFS has his own issues and deserves much of the anger and retaliation he faces. However, when it comes to JYS, Jonny deserves everything he got from DFS, including his defeat in BC Court.

My only comments on this file is that the victim impact statement is largely unedited from a previous one JY filed in BC Court (i.e. his statements about wanting to be a woman and prancing around the house). It’s all bullshit. Jonny is a pill-popping manic alcoholic who has never once seriously considered suicide and never will. He’s too arrogant, and thinks he’s well loved. This is just lies and manipulation.

I feel like I completely represent all of the qualities of femininity.

Jonathan “jessica” yaniv simpson

And second, JYS made this affidavit in support of the contempt hearing concerning DFS in Alberta. JY has no relevance in this case. This is just JYS desperation to hurt DFS coming out.

Reality: Jonathan Yaniv always loses. He’s a loser. That’s what losers do. They lose. DFS is every bit a problem himself, but he’s already beaten JY twice – once to get JY’s bullshit charges tossed out (along with the original victim impact statement) and a second time for court costs. Every single star could align and JY could somehow beat DFS at something and it wouldn’t change the fact that JY is a an unemployed pedophile. So, with that, grab your popcorn and dig in.

PDF and image files below

20220111 AB Court DFS Affidavit-of-Jessica-Simpson
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