Kenzi Speaks Up!

Who wants to see a video of a woman removing her tampon? Yaniv does. And he asked for one. Keep reading…

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We were recently contacted by a woman named Kenzi. Unlike several past women that Yaniv chased down, Kenzi is 19. He stalked her through a Facebook group, much like we’ve heard from others. And, just like the conversations with previous girls, they started off innocently. Yaniv would send a friend request, say hi, and make small talk.

Soon enough he started asking Kenzi more personal things. Predictably, this quickly went to the tampon topic. He asked her if she used tampons or pads, what brand, and how she inserted them. He asked for more specific information, like how heavy was Kenzi’s cycle, how absorbent they were, and other details. It peaked for Kenzi when Yaniv asked her to send him a video of her showing her tampon. She blocked him.

It wasn’t just Kenzi. Yaniv was posting similar questions to other on the Facebook group and they soon caught on. The admins warned the group members about Yaniv and blocked him from the group.

Kenzi had blocked this out, but she soon learned about the things Yaniv has been doing since, and she felt physically ill. As someone who has been assaulted in the past, Yaniv’s behaviour was very triggering.

At the time, he still used Jonathan for a name. He didn’t have the long hair, and he presented as male. There was nothing trans or female about him.

Not a chat with Kenzi, but another very similar one. This was with an underage girl that Meow Mix spoke with several days ago.

We asked Kenzi for her opinion on why Yaniv asked her for this info, and how he made it convincing to her.

She replied, “After I asked how he was he said that he had a problem and wanted advice. He said he was m to f and didn’t know how to do a tampon. Me being gullible I answered all I could until it was…..unbearably creepy.”

For the sake of clarity, and perhaps a bit of humor, I asked the world’s silliest question to Kenzi. Here’s what I said, “Ok I’m going to be a naive guy here… And I’m not asking for details, but using a tampon isn’t an overly complex thing is it? What kind of instructions could he possibly need? I’ve never even opened a tampon in my life but I have a pretty good idea how to use one…”

Kenzi, far more mature than I am evidently, answered stating that there’s instructions in each box, and they include an applicator. It isn’t hard.

In my own defense, I knew this, but…stop judging me!

When asked about why Kenzi thinks Yaniv asks these questions, she replied, “Curiosity, it turns him on, it’s a fetish. Maybe he does want to be a woman and experience a menstrual cycle. I do think he has mental health issues. I’m pretty good at reading people and I get major flags with him. We all have our kinks but his goes way past consent.”

To be honest, this isn’t even an extremely rare fetish. There isn’t anything inherently wrong in Yaniv enjoying this. The part that makes it utterly and completely repulsive is how Yaniv forces it onto others, especially young girls. Yaniv often describes himself as a “girl”, not a woman. He’s said things like “this is just what us girls do”.

I can’t speak for the female half the planet, but my guess is that no, Yaniv, this isn’t just what they do.

Kenzi’s story is probably familiar to a lot of women, and, speaking as a man, this really should give us men something to think about as we live our lives around women, or raise daughters. It’s easy for us to forget some of these insecurities women have, and how us men have contributed to them. What Kenzi said next should really give all of us something to think about. It isn’t that all men are predators – it’s we may not realize how we make women feel at times. Yaniv, who is most definitely a predator, takes it to a higher level – he doesn’t know how women feel, nor does he care.

I was 13 when I had my first period and, to be frank, I thought I was dying. After the initial shock I was actually happy because this was a rite of passage. I was a woman.

One thing I was never prepared for are the things they didn’t teach you in health class. That some men out there are not very nice. I can’t count how many times a man made me feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t just men, women also. I was 19 years old when Yaniv sent me a friend request. I didn’t think anything of it and accepted it. We were in a mutual group and Yaniv had posted about how to use a tampon. So many women commented and showed support. Yaniv took advantage of that and messaged some of these women asking more personal questions. The women caught on and warned the group about Yaniv. I didn’t know at the time Yaniv was the same person on my friends list the group was warning us about.

The chat between me and Yaniv started out friendly. Yaniv told me about transitioning and that they didn’t have friends to talk to. I was more than happy to answer all of Yaniv’s questions. How to insert a tampon, where did the string go, do you keep the applicator etc. Then they turned uncomfortable. Did I use tampons? What brand? How did I insert them personally? Sitting or standing? How heavy was my flow? Then Yaniv started asking if I’d video chat and physically show them how to insert a tampon. I blocked Yaniv. I blocked out the messages.

When I started using Twitter I saw several tags about Yaniv. I’m only human so I googled them. His creepy pudgy face was staring back at me on google images. That ugly face triggered all those disgusting questions years back. Whether Yaniv is a man or a women they’re making us uncomfortable and it needs to fucking stop.

The way Yaniv acts, the way he treats women, and the things he says are the same every time and it needs to stop. He needs to be stopped. Deception is one of the key tools of a sexual predator – find a victim, earn her trust with one story, and then switch.

Stanton Samenow wrote a great article for Psychology Today that identifies deception as one of the key thought processes of a sexual predator.

Yaniv hits the bullseye on every one of the thoughts processes that Samenow describes – the pursuit of power and control, compartmentalizing fear and consequences, a sense of uniqueness, and dishonesty.

Yaniv perceives himself as attractive, clever, funny. He thinks he oozes sex appeal, and not just ooze. Right and wrong are flexible concepts in his mind, and they can be applied differently to fit his needs in the moment. He craves power, but he’s weak himself, so he seeks out people he thinks are weak – young girls, and people like Donald.

With all of that in mind, we really need to look at Yaniv as a sexual predator, and this ties in nicely with last weeks comparison of Yaniv’s behaviour to that of a serial killer. It’s the combination of Yaniv’s weakness combined with his insatiable need for power that drives him to prey on people.

He knows society looks down on him, but in his mind they should admire him. With his history of impulsive, violent behaviour, we need to be worried.

On another note, and I may catch some heat for this, us men need to shoulder a little responsibility for how women in society feel. How are we raising our sons to treat women? How are we raising our daughters to feel about their bodies? Do we make our wives or girlfriends feel poorly about their body or their periods? What women live with every month and view as normal is something that many men treat like the plague.

I think most men will give a bit of thought to this, and consider that there may be things they could say different, or not say at all, or do differently that would make women feel better around them.

But Yaniv isn’t most men – Yaniv is a predator, an alleged child molester, and a pervert. He seeks out women’s vulnerabilities and picks at them under the guise that he is a transgender person and he needs their help transitioning, when the truth is that he’s likely got his tiny little pecker in his hands during most of these chats. Yaniv wants to get off, and I just wish he’d get off my planet.