Katie Speaks Again!

Since Yaniv’s self-declared best-friend-forever went public with her story so much more has happened and she’s learned so much more about Yaniv. To say Katie is disgusted is like calling the ocean damp. Katie wants the world to know who this scumbag is.

Why is this taking so long? Katie found out all her conversations with Yaniv were recorded. She had to take some steps for her own safety, and she has. But now it’s time to take him down before he hurts more people. Jessica is a predator.

First of all, when Katie first spoke up, Yaniv threatened her. Her said he would tell the world her secrets and make sure people knew where to find her. Katie took this seriously and has taken steps to ensure her safety. There are certain things that only Yaniv knows – and if they happen, we’ll know Yaniv was the source. If that does happen, Yaniv will face swift consequences. Katie knows that we, and hopefully you, have her back if Yaniv tries anything.

She also says, “Yaniv, you threatened on Twitter to say the one thing that I’m vulnerable to. Well, I’m prepared ow, and people in my area will help me. If you do what you’re threatening, which is basically doxxing me, we will come for you personally, and come for you quickly”. Katie has also reviewed information from BC’ Victim Service Unit.

On a happier note, Katie has been overwhelmed with messages of support and love from strangers and other victims. People have reached out to her to tell her their stories and comfort her. Katie knows the world is on her side. So does Katie’s husband.

After the first article, Yaniv called Katie a whore, and said the only things she was good for was cleaning his bathroom and cooking food for him. Katie wants to clear the air…

First off, she’s not a whore. Period. There just isn’t anything else to say. Yaniv is an incel that told young Manda that he wished Katie was a lesbian so they could sleep together. Katie’s response was nearly vomiting.

Second, cleaning – Katie expressed a desire to earn some side money in general. Yaniv offered her a few bucks in return for some cleaning. This is a great deal for people looking for side cash and it’s very common. Kudos to Katie for doing the dirty work to stay ahead in life. Unfortunately, dirty work is more than just a figure of speech here.

Aside from the filth, Katie had to sort through Yaniv’s endless bottles of vagisil, vaginal wipes, vaginal products, sex toys, and so on, just to clean his filthy bathroom, and worst of all? Yaniv didn’t pay her like he promised.

The turkey? This is a joke. She came to visit Yaniv and he surprised her with this turkey on his counter, on a tray, thawed and unnprepared. He expected her to cook his dinner. Katie was caught off guard, but polite and friendly and cooked it for him. She told me how she just wanted to go home. All she could think about all night was how Yaniv was trying to make her drink wine even though he wasn’t drinking. She told him she was allergic just to make him stop, and she longed for her husbands company instead of Yanivs. The last thing she wanted to be doing was cooking Yaniv a turkey while he tried to seduce her with wine and vagisil.

When Katie left that night, he caught her off guard with a kiss on the cheek. The Meow Mix has recommended she actually cut her cheek off.

After that Twitter rant, Yaniv went on to say he wanted to make up with Katie. He didn’t mean it, and it was just a fight, and Katie needed him like he needs her. This is how men abuse women.

Katie spent hours scouring her email and memory for more Yaniv stories. Katie received a random email from a guy trying to get sexual favours. Someone she didn’t even know. Yaniv replied with a racist rant and bullying threats. He recommended Katie buy weapons, and bragged about a telescopic keychain baton he carries that can (in Yanivs words) break bones in seconds.

Katie also found several more pictures that, in hindsight, were clear warning signs. Yaniv once sent a picture of his obese belly, pointing to where his menstrual cramps are, and then a screenshot of his period tracker app. Anyone with a brain can see the problem here.

Another racist event? Yaniv files a motion with the Willoughby Residents Association All Candidates Meeting using a fake identity and claiming that he, allegedly an East Asian Canadian, as concerned that the government prohibited bestiality, something that Yaniv described as very important to their culture and communities. This includes goats and other large animals.

Yaniv – perhaps the worlds ugliest large animal.

Katie often overheard conversations between Yaniv and his mother, Miriam. Yaniv treated her so poorly over the phone and Miriam really has no idea how much Jonny is up to. He does a good job concealing his true persona from her, and at most, presents like an innocent, quiet trans woman. The fact that she still uses his male name and pronouns tells you how seriously she takes it.

Katie described another friend Yaniv had – one that worries us. This friend was pregnant and Yaniv was excited that he could interact with the mom and the new baby, including claiming he was excited to bring her post-pregnancy pads. I’m sure this is something that the woman was eagerly waiting for from Yaniv.

Katie attended a meeting with Yaniv where trans people could openly ask questions to doctors. Yaniv, a self-described intersex person that has a vagina and can get pregnant, clearly expressed that they had a penis and had questions related to it. This is confirmed in the Mandaleaks, where Yaniv tells her how he still has a penis, but it’s “very tiny”.

While every woman already knows this, Katie wants to point out that she’s spoken with her girl friends about Yaniv, and they unanimously agree about a few things related to Yanivs period fetish. First, it’s just creepy. Second, no woman goes around offering or asking for pads or tampons. Third, this especially never happens with kids and Yaniv is obviously a predator and wannabe child molester for thinking he should help kids with their menstrual problems.

On a side note about Yaniv’s “shenis”, he bragged to her that it used to be a statistically above average 7 inches but since starting hormone therapy it’s shrunk to just 3 inches. Still, that isn’t a vagina.

Reminiscing on her first time visiting Yaniv’s apartment, Katie told the Meow Mix that he has a Google Home and, when instructed by Yaniv, it played female moaning sounds. Out loud. To Katie. Yaniv later said he was trying to mess with his neighbours, but clearly that isn’t the case. Perhaps another attempt to seduce Katie?

When asked what Katie thinks about Yaniv being attracted to her, she’s revolted. She said she has never found Jessica attractive in any way. She never stood a chance. She’s in the most amazing relationship with her husband and they’re both grossed out to hear she was talking about her as if she had a chance with her. She’s disrespectful when it comes to all things involving boundaries. She wouldn’t touch Jessica with a 10 foot pole. She’s a Shrek-looking ******.

Is she a feminist? Katie doesn’t even discuss it. Why? It’s a simple answer – NO!

When Katie was with Jessica she was polite. Jessica presented as a trans woman with insecurities and Katie, a great friend, tried to prop her up a little, but in hindsight she didn’t need it. Yaniv is a narcissist and walked around saying how cute he was all the time.

Katie has been keeping up on the Yaniv news. No longer an innocent victim, she reads every bit of info and so does her husband. They laugh at Yanivs antics and at the same time they’re repulsed. She thought it was hilarious how Ricky Gervais mocked him more than once.

Recently, Yaniv made an effort to find a gynecologist. Another writer for the Meow Mix, a trans-woman nurse, gave her expert opinion on this. Katie? She says Yaniv is a psychopath.

Katie and her friends have made Yaniv the butt of their jokes. They all talk about what they would do if he shows up. Part of the action plan is simply to point and laugh, but there’s also steps they’ll take for safety. Yaniv will lose, that much is clear.

Katie also told the meow mix how she knows Yaniv intentionally fakes things and tries to play himself off as a victim due to alleged disabilities, but Yaniv isn’t the weakling that he wants the world to see. He has potential to cause harm, and with his stated desires to molest minors, this needs to be taken seriously.

In closing, Katie has a message for Yaniv:

“Dear Jessica, This is your EX friend talking. Yo need to get mental help. Your life revolves around periods and psychosomatic cramps but that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is you’ve put children at risk. You’ve sent children sexually explicit messages and you need to be taken down for it. You’re dangerous, but I’m not afraid of you. In fact, I have safety plans set for if and when I ever run into you. You’re nothing but a manipulative piece of scum who makes people feel uncomfortable just by your presence. Please fully admit to everything and stop denying it. The longer you deny everything the worse its going to be.

“I want you to realize how deeply ill you are Jessica. You have obsessions with periods and cramps and everything that comes with being a biological female but you aren’t.”

Katie is enraged, but also heartbroken that she put herself out there to be a friend and she was manipulated, lied to, and taken advantage of. She didn’t want to cook Yaniv a stupid turkey. She wanted to be home with her husband. She told him she was allergic to alcohol just to avoid Yaniv trying to force feed her wine.

“Jessica, you have hurt me, but you’ve deeply hurt so many others. I’ve had the chance to learn who you truly are and it’s terrifying to know that you exist”.

One final note from Katie…on the topic of Yaniv’s dad Jack, a suspected domestic abuser and absent father…

“Jessica, how dare you compare your piece of shit dad to my angel of a daddy. They are the exact opposites”.