Jessica Yaniv – TERF

Who saw this coming?

TERF” is an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist”. It is used to describe feminists who express ideas that other feminists consider transphobic, such as the claim that trans women are not women, opposition to transgender rights and exclusion of trans women from women’s spaces and organizations. – Wikipedia

Having read that, it may come as a surprise to see Yaniv labeled as a TERF. After all, Yaniv attacked women of color throughout the lower Mainland area for not waxing his balls while calling them transphobic and saying that genital waxing was a gender-affirming care service that he was entitled to. He ranted daily on Twitter about how trans women are women and therefore entitled to all the same services, spaces, and rights.

You can see why we’re surprised when Yaniv came out as a TERF himself on January 1, 2020, with this tweet:

A little backstory…

Morgane Oger is a trans woman in the same region as Yaniv that selfishly and relentlessly attacked the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter non-profit crisis center for excluding trans women from their shelter.

The VRR, Canada’s oldest rape crisis center, refused to change their stance on trans women.

As a result of Ogers efforts to forcefully shove penises into a shelter for raped women, the shelter lost nearly $35,000 worth of annual funding, which was replaced through donations from the general public. Oger called this equality. The VRR responded with this statement.

View link.

With trans rights in mind, one would expect Yaniv to be right there with Morgane Oger on this issue. Yaniv expects to be able to force his balls into womens hands to have them waxed. He no doubt expects to be able to go to their shelters if he was raped.

So, with all that in mind, we can officially start 2020 with this announcement: Jessica Yaniv is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist male. The rest of the articles on the Meow Mix will clarify his other claim in the same tweet that he is a good person.

Please consider a charitable donation to the VRR to offset the harm caused by the Ogers and Yanivs of the world. Women need a safe space. Trans women need a safe space. Sometimes they need to be different spaces. The VRR receives no operational funding from any government level and they are in need of clothing for women and children, household supplies, and donations.

***Morgane Oger was asked multiple times to provide a comment for this blog and refused. She is always welcome to provide her statements.