JY vs Amy Hamm: The Obsession Before The Accusation

Yaniv’s hatred and bullying towards Amy Hamm started with his obsession with silencing strong women like Hamm, Lindsay Shepherd, and Meghan Murphy, long before the infamous courthouse accusation.

By now, everyone following the Yaniv story is well aware that he filed a blatantly, laughably false sexual assault claim against Amy Hamm. This claim was made on Twitter, and included Yaniv tagging the local police, court, and Amy herself.

The Twitterverse responded in outrage and wrath – towards Yaniv. Not only is it simply ludicrous to think that anyone would have any sexual feelings in any capacity towards Yaniv, it’s even more insane to think that a young woman with a promising career and successful life would throw it all away over something as unbelievable as this.

Despite the fact that witnesses stood up for Hamm, Yaniv stood by his claim, adding that he had visited local rape relief centers and even contacted an ambulance after the event. Nobody saw that ambulance, but everyone saw Yaniv viciously attack a Rebel Media reporter outside the courthouse moments later, which he followed up with Twitter posts calling himself a bad ass bitch and saying “a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do”.

In the days that followed, Hamm sent Yaniv a letter demanding a retraction. Yaniv, in his infinite arrogance, ignored it, and instead found himself facing a lawsuit for his false claims. To date, there are no charges against Hamm in any capacity, although there are theories that some of Yaniv’s private prosecution attempts may be against her.

But this is simply the most recent in a series of events going back months. Yaniv, a viciously evil woman-hater, has long attacked Amy Hamm and her peers, including Lindsay Shepherd and Meghan Murphy. In fact, Amy often write for Murphy’s website, FeministCurrent. Yaniv has made up multiple lies and filed several false claims against Murphy, even cloning her website URL with a .ca variant and redirecting it to a vile porn page. Murphy was eventually banned from Twitter, something Yaniv brags about often.

Hamm, along with Shepherd and Murphy, followed the Yaniv story for some time. Yaniv responded angrily to these women any time they commented, sometimes with threats, as shown below in a tweet from June 20, 2019 – over 6 months before Yaniv’s claim.

That isn’t the only tweet Yaniv made towards Hamm. My personal opinion is that Yaniv couldn’t stand the fact that three strong, successful, and empowered women saw right through his act and he was determined to silence them.

When Hamm commented on a recent renovation at a public space that threatened women’s privacy, Yaniv jumped right off the edge and accused her of being homophobic. Yaniv refuses to accept that women don’t want him in their most private spaces. They know he isn’t genuine.

Yaniv clearly became obsessed with her, even commenting on her tweets when he wasn’t tagged.

Yaniv commented on posts about #GIDYVR events, telling Hamm he would attend just to piss her off, and implying she better be accommodating to his fake handicap.

Yaniv followed Hamm’ social media for months, taking every chance he could to comment on her posts and stir something up. Without fail, Hamm stayed professional, courteous, and amicable.

When Hamm spoke up for Meghan Murphy, Yaniv was nearly instantaneous in his response, even though he wasn’t tagged.

Perhaps Yaniv felt vulnerable and exposed when Hamm, a journalist, wrote about his newsworthy attempts to exploit women in the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

It’s pretty easy to see what’s going on here. Yaniv, a woman-hating, self-entitled, too-lazy-to-work-a-real-job incel is realizing that society isn’t accepting his efforts to profit off LGBT activism and he wants all who speak out against him silenced. He started targeting Hamm in the summer of 2019, and when he saw an opportunity to strike, he created the most outrageous lie possible, accusing Hamm of sexually assaulting him.

In some ways, this shouldn’t be surprising. Yaniv has a sick obsession with being sexually assaulted. Yes, you read that right. Yaniv is obsessed with being a victim and has made multiple other false sexual assault claims in the past. He sees the attention the #MeToo movement received and he wants a piece of the pie. He treats words like survivor and fear and force as buzzwords.

See for yourself – and don’t forget to scroll side to side to see more.

This plays nicely with Yaniv’s obsession with being seen as a victim. He so desperately wants the world to see him as someone that’s been preyed on instead of a predator.

Amy Hamm will have her day in court, and Jonny, you’ll finally be a victim – of yourself.

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