JY’s History of Sexual Assault Claims

It didn’t start with Amy Hamm, but it has to end now.

Last fall, Yaniv violently assaulted Rebel Media reporter David Menzies. Days later, when the media attention started to heat up, Yaniv suddenly tried to claim he was sexually assaulted, while simultaneously singling out a select group of POC.

Earlier this year, after violently assaulting Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte on video, Yaniv declared that he was sexually assaulted in a courthouse bathroom just moments before that, by a young Amy Hamm, a mother that stands a mere 40% of Yaniv’s size and weight.

Yaniv’s obsession with being sexually assaulted goes back way further than that. When the #MeToo movement was gaining momentum, Yaniv tried to take advantage of the real suffering endured by so many women. He even shared it on Twitter, hoping to garner sympathy and credibility as a woman.

Earlier, Yaniv told Manda that he was sexually assaulted by Mani Vigg, former owner of the NY Grill & Bistro. He claimed Vigg forced Yaniv to perform sex acts. Despite this, NY Grill & Bistro remained a “proud customer” on Yaniv’s business website for a long time. Yaniv never filed any complaints, and when Meow Mix contacted Mr. Vigg he was shocked and mortified.

JY also told Manda that he was assaulted by a guy in his first year in college. JY claims the bathroom door was kicked down while he was changing his pad, and another guy started to “play with his balls and do stuff to them”.

Yaniv even claimed Donald wants to sexually assault and rape him.

Yaniv’s obsession with this goes back at least as far as 2014, when he claimed that men would peer through the cracks in public bathroom stalls to catch a glimpse of him. He said people tried to take his picture through bathroom stall gaps years before he ever entered a women’s washroom.

Yaniv tried to tell young Riley that no matter where he went, this was happening to him, and it has happened to him for years.

I’m personally a man in my mid-thirties, and this has never happened to me. Perhaps Yaniv is just more desirable than I am.

Of course, Yaniv was perfectly fine with taking pictures in the women’s washroom as soon as he could legally call himself a woman. We’ve all seen the bathroom selfies, not to mention his conversations with young girls about nudity in the bathrooms.

This includes Yaniv expressing disappointment that girls don’t walk around with their breasts and vaginas exposed, or tampon strings in plain sight. He even asked another girl if it was okay for him to undress in front of a young girls swim team, exposing his full body to them. He was gleeful in his statement that they undressed fully in front of him.

The only photo related to Yaniv that I can find that shows anything about a bathroom stall crack was taken by Yaniv.

And this one…

And this one too…curious that this picture appears to be over the top of the stall door – something that Yaniv claims Amy did to him.

Yaniv discussed exposing himself to young girls on the swim team, telling Riley that they “literally get down to their p**** and boobs out and don’t mind at all”, followed by asking for her advice on bonding with them in that moment.

I guess my conflict here is this – why is a person that is SO terrified of being victimized in the bathroom SO eager to expose himself in the bathroom?

It seems to me that someone that has been assaulted “several times in a bathroom before” would be more discreet about his time in washrooms, and more respectful of others privacy needs.

Despite the fact that Yaniv claims to have been a sexual assault victim going back years, in 2013 he simply said his friends were victims, not him.

You’d also think that Yaniv, who describes himself as a “survivor”, would be more mindful of how his actions affect others, and how others may feel the need for body privacy, especially in vulnerable places like change rooms. Instead, he celebrates when others are vulnerable.

Why would someone who is SO terrified of being abused in the bathroom “again” celebrate this?

For someone who calls themselves an activist and a warrior for rights, Yaniv sure is quick to want to take away others rights.

And he’s even more quick to declare himself a victim when you confront him about his transgender issues. Simply asking about it makes him a victim, in his mind.

Yaniv’s claims even stretch into paranoia simply for political impact, where Yaniv pretends to worry about being raped.

Finally, why is someone that is so afraid of being seen nude, and so afraid of being vulnerable, so eager to expose himself?

Would someone that fears being seen in a bathroom say this?

Perhaps there’s a link to this story, told more than once by Yaniv, about his first sexual experience being in a bathroom stall.

So is Yaniv a victim? Or is Yaniv a bathroom-obsessed liar that repeats the same bathroom stall story over and over, and finally saw a chance to pull it off in real life?

It should raise red flags to everyone that Yaniv’s claim against Amy – that she took his picture over the bathroom stall walls in a public washroom – is identical to his claims of people doing that to him when he was younger.

It should raise flags to everyone that Yaniv’s bathroom stall gap picture fears are offset by the fact that he’s a known bathroom stall gap photographer.

Could it be that Yaniv feels brave now, after testing his claims of rape fear in the BC Human Rights Tribunal, where he said in his appeal letter that he feared being exposed in the waxing rooms, and that as a female, he feared going to a physically abusive salon after being sexually assaulted in previous years. He wondered if he would be attacked there, or assaulted, or raped, and that’s why he communicated only over social media.

Please show your support online to Amy Hamm. She’s a strong, confidant woman and a role model to girls everywhere, but sexual assault claims can damage anyone’s reputation. We need to unite beside her and make sure Yaniv knows that we know he’s full of shit.

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