JY’s Secret Lists

Super genius tech guru has been keeping secret lists. Are you on one?

Many people – including me – are not familiar with Twitters lists. In short, there are three types – Owned, Subscribed, and Members. Owned lists are lists that a user creates to put others into. Subscribed lists are lists that others have created that you want to follow. Members lists are lists that someone else has put you in. In short, I could create a list of “Socks” and start putting various Yaniv sock accounts into it.

Yanivs lists were recently discovered and are still being scoured. It’s funny because you can tell he’s tried to cover his tracks by emptying his Owned lists, but you can still see what he named them, and some of them are creepy. And Yaniv, there’s no sense deleting them now – we took screenshots of the entire page, right to the bottom.

First off, he has a list called “Assholes”. 0 members, but you have to wonder who was in it. Then it goes into various cringey-named groups like “Justinbieberlets”, “Team-buttercuplets”, and “My Twitlets”. Interestingly, one of the first ones he created was “Jonathan’s Top Fans”. All of these lists are empty. Who was he trying to hide? More on this soon.

Notably, a google image search shows the picture below. Yaniv added her to his special list of buttercuplets.

Second, his subscribed lists. This section is filled with mostly innocuous things like “CES 2016” or “Shopify Merchants”. Then there’s a ton of “follow me and I’ll follow you back” lists, which are groups that people use to artificially boost their follower count. Much of this is set up using third party apps like Formulists.

Notable mentions on his subscribed lists include “Haus of Hotties”, dozens of “Models” lists, and several that appear to be porn. Notably, none are lesbian or trans related.

Finally, Members. These are the lists that everyone else owns and has put JY into. The link below will show you everything, but here’s a tiny sample of what the general public has labeled Yaniv as:

To see more of Yanivs lists yourself, google “snapchat trustednerd” or visit and enjoy the laugh!

This begs the question about why Yanivs lists are all named and created but 100% empty. A curious Meow Mix friend did some digging and found this:

On August 11, 2019, the Wayback Machine archived a version of JYs lists, just days after his interview with Blaire White on Youtube, where she destroyed him. On August 13, Yaniv announced that he had been contacted by an agent, and it came out that Yaniv gave the agent access to his Twitter account. Sometime around here, Yaniv took steps to delete everyone from all of his lists, but not the actual lists themselves.

Who was on JYs list? Was he tracking young girls and putting them into folders for later stalking ventures? Did he hastily try to cover his tracks when he thought he had a chance at fame? How desperate for attention was Yaniv that he joined hundreds of “followback” lists just to boost his numbers with fake followers? What does Yaniv think of being labelled as literal trash on hundreds and hundreds of other Twitter users lists? And why didn’t Yaniv delete the lists instead of just empty them?

Finally, lists are very easy to edit and delete. In less than a minute I created a new list, then renamed it, then deleted it. Why didn’t Jonny change “Jonathans Top Fans” to “Jessicas Top Fans”? Wouldn’t a seriously gender dysphoric and desperate-to-be-taken-seriously trans woman do this?

In conclusion, there’s nothing new here – Yaniv is a creep with creepy lists, he’s not tech savvy like he claims, he’s hooked on porn and creeping girls on Twitter, and he’s perfectly ok with the name Jonathan.