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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Engages in Homophobic Rhetoric on Twitter

Jessica Yaniv Simpson (JYS) has repeatedly asserted “herself” as a “Social Justice Warrior”, “Lesbian Warrior Princess” and a “Human Rights Activist”, amongst a number of false assertions simply for publicity purpose. Alas, nothing is further from reality regarding this hateful creature not deserving of any humanity, in my opinion, as I am reluctant to accredit JYS as being anything humanized whatsoever given how they terrorize and bully people!

Today, JYS in a hypocritical fashion tried trolling audiences on social media by asking US President Elect Joe Biden and a number of other affiliated LGBTQ+ Twitter Accounts, including Jazz Jennings who finds JYS revolting, to repeal a law regarding trans athletes. Yet none of these affiliates know that JYS is actually a homophobe (and possibly akin to a TERF). Luckily no one cares what this known alleged serial predator thinks.

Now JYS has demonstrated “homophobic rhetoric” in recent days by calling someone else a “cocksucker” while hash-tagging the LGBTQ. Ironic, yes? On November 5, 2020, JYS took to social media to protest Chris Elston (whose actually straight as we understand) stating that everyone needs to call Montreal Police and “advise this cocksucker is outside GRS Montreal”. JYS is referring to a Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) clinic. Elston was there protesting about how children cannot consent, which ironically, JYS thinks children can consent to a variety of things.

In recent weeks, Chris Elston, the “Human Billboard” or “Billboard Chris”, as he’s dubbed, has been touring locally and protesting now that children cannot consent to transitioning such as the use of puberty blockers. The latter is a controversial subject, something I personally have no opinion on the issue, even as a member of the LGBTQ+, given so many complexities around this. Granted, Elston has exercised his charter rights to peaceful protest, although it was near the slimy lair of JYS, which resulted in JYS making vexatious complaints to police, trolling on twitter and uttering a plethora of death threats.

Undeniably, I really did enjoy seeing JYS worked up by Elston’s presence. I believe that despite he was called the slur “cocksucker” on Twitter, Elston just laughed it off given and thought what a goofball JYS really is and moved. Meanwhile, JYS continues to stew in anger and exerts all these antics, some against the Canadian Criminal Code, which would also be a violation of said conditions for breaching the peace (I promise to provide everyone with JYS’ Probation Officer’s contact information real soon for all of you to share these death threats and such with them- promise!).

Also remember, Elston is a loving father of two girls, who we also understand is heterosexual, but because JYS has gone to Twitter demonstrating anti-gay slurs as a means to an end and ultimately violating the terms and conditions, we have to really think this through. But hey- JYS will always be such as despised and hateful creature, did you expect anything less from them?

You ask yourself now, what should we do about it? Like me, the first instinct is that we must all collectively mass report JYS to Twitter as a violation of it’s Terms and Conditions for “abuse and hateful conduct”? I do like the idea of giving this serial predator a taste of their own medicine, but I have battled the thought process out the last two days.

But think about it for a minute: Would immediately deplatforming this serial predator, despite this being the actual value proposition for Meow Mix’s existence, when they haven’t been brought full-circle to justice, worth it? Remember, if JYS is deplatformed today, we all have less visibility tabs on this predator. Yes, it’s like a trophy to take out the “@trustednerd” account and enjoy the victory, but that would be short-lived. However, now that I have walked you through this thought process, I am sure by the time this rant of mine goes live, JYS will scramble and quickly remove this comment before having a sign of relief with the epiphany that they narrowly prevented another possible permanent suspension on Twitter after already struggling to come back from one in April 2020 (which I might add was after allegedly trying to poorly doxx me, as the two tweets involved were removed following the suspension, although I suspect there was others amongst the tens of thousands of tweets also flagged as well).

But hey, if that’s the first instinct to report it and call it a day, by all means, knock yourself out by cutting and pasting the above hyperlink and go out to report it. But given lags and JYS alerted to it, the serial predator will troll Twitter for the interim, but I commend your efforts. I am confident by the time this article goes live, JYS will have panicked and deleted the comment, but it shall forever remain in the archives here leaving JYS to troll relentlessly on Twitter for another day to avoid a permanent suspension. But remember, this has levity for the future. Just making JYS panic is worth it.

So, now I have bursted your bubble that it is not the time to truly deplatform the infamous @trustednerd Twitter account, let’s get back on the subject and turn your attention back by whether we should all collectively now add homophobia to JYS’ growing predatory portfolio?

JYS has referred to East Indian Men as “Turban Fuckers” and intellectually disabled individuals as “Autistic Retards”, as some prime examples, of someone who does not value having the rights to be protected. Each day is devoted to predatory behaviour and maximizing how much they can terrorize others. What type of existence is it that each day is a continuing gauntlet of terrorizing others is the only means to even feeling gratified in life?

Whenever the inevitable occurs and JYS is back in the spotlight for whether it is for being denied to enter a beauty pageant, for their own inferred motives, to see young girls and women naked despite still having male junk; for current and/or future criminal charges; and/or some other controversy to infringe upon the rights of another protected class, the media needs to come to their sensibilities that JYS is no human rights or LGBTQ+ activist- they have some tendency for homophobia, as demonstrated. However, I bet JYS will not provide an apology for using this derogatory term. This can remind these audiences that coining JYS as a social justice warrior, LGBTQ+ activist, or similar is highly irresponsible. JYS may coin themselves as a “lesbian”, which is an oxymoron, but is in reality, they engage in homophobic rhetoric!

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