JY’s Ironic Fat Shaming Issues

If you needed any further proof that JY is a completely delusional hypocrite, look no further.

For what it’s worth, fat shaming people is almost never acceptable. The only reason I think it’s fair game with JY is because JY has an obsession with thin girls, and attacks women that they feel are overweight – including their own neighbours.

There’s a certain irony in that Tweet sitting beside that profile picture after it’s been edited to remove 40 lbs of neck.

It isn’t the first time this creep has attacked women for their weight either, and it dates back years.

In the MandaPanda logs, Yaniv describes the woman they lost their virginity to as fat and ugly.

We’ve all seen Yaniv’s junk. I’ll just leave it at that.

But apparently if you comment on JY’s weight you have a fat, disgusting soul.

And Yaniv is quick to call out Anna Slatz and Donald Smith if JY thinks they’re fat shaming it. Honestly, whoever signed JY up for Sephora emails using the name “fat” should get an Internet award. That’s pretty funny. Other things that are pretty funny: the following tweets.

Let’s not forget – JY filed a lawsuit because its broke a physiotherapist bed by sitting on it.

I’m not saying it’s ok to fat shame JY. I’m saying JY should really shut up about people’s weight when they themselves look like they do, and as long as JY is going to target people for their weight, does that make it fair game? Leave a comment below.

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