JY’s “Girlfriend” Lauren Speaks Up! Spoiler: She’s Not Actually JY’s Girlfriend.

JY has recently made claims that a girl really likes him. During one livestream, Yaniv told everyone that a girl likes him and they’re close.

By monitoring comments and activity during this livestream, people smarter than me were able to determine who he was talking about. I reached out to her, and she’s a sweetheart, but she isn’t JY’s girlfriend. For starters, she’s straight.

Meet Lauren.

Lauren is in her early 20’s and live’s just over the US border from Yaniv. I emphasize this because Yaniv keeps telling her he’s coming to meet her as soon as the “border opens”. While it is true that the US/Canada border is closed to most traffic right now, the real reason Yaniv won’t be meeting her is that he was convicted on weapons charged in Canada. He would need a waiver to cross the border, and they’re very expensive. It would likely be declined.

We told Lauren how we determined it was her. Her reply was that of shock and horror. Despite Yaniv’s claims, she’s definitely not his girlfriend. There is no attraction, no desire, no anything. She was a polite friend online that didn’t know the real JY. She does now. She doesn’t like him, and would never date him.

When asked if she’s still in contact with him, she said she tried to avoid him, but he still tried to contact her often. He first found her on Snapchat some time ago and just started sending her messages. Now, he’s everywhere.

I asked Lauren about his behaviour to her. He brought up sex toys and periods, often complaining about cramps. He commented how he was coming to meet her soon. It’s worth noting that this is the same area where Jess Rumpel lives, and Yaniv recently made threats towards her on.

We asked Lauren what she knew about JY’s past. She said she had heard a few rumours but thats all. It was, however, enough to make her scared that he really would come see her.

We showed her a few screenshots, giving her examples of Yaniv trying to groom a 9 year old girl and Yaniv’s racism. She was disgusted.

Finally, I asked her if she had any message for JY. It was simple: “We aren’t in a relationship and I don’t like you.”

Nothing else needs to be said.

Send your best wishes to Lauren in the comments below!

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