JY’s Followers Speak Up!

Meet the teenage girls that JY thinks are their biggest fans. Spoiler: They aren’t.

We know JY has paid for 100,000+ followers on Twitter, and it’s been reported that 30K of their followers on Instagram are paid as well. That still leaves a few thousand real accounts. Every time JY posts a picture it receives 100+ likes, but the brave warrior princess locks down comments.

Motivated by equal parts fear and curiousity, I spent the better part of a weekend contacting Yaniv’s so-called fans. The results were so relieving, and so encouraging, and I have to share it with you.

This is what I sent people:

I didn’t advertise the blog, I didn’t state any specifics, and I asked each person to do their own research.

This message was sent out to dozens and dozens of accounts. A large percentage left me on read, which I can live with – at least they saw it. Several “liked” the comment and left it at that. One or two JY-socks turned up (more on that in a different article). But the overwhelming majority are only in it for the lulz, and this gives me hope for humanity.

I took screenshots of some of the replies I received – minus their profile pics and any identifying details that JY would use to stalk them.

This should put a little extra pep in your step this morning – unless your name is Jessica Yaniv.

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