JY’s “Default Judgement” Conference Call against Donald Smith and Kari Simpson

By Billy Z – @divebomberinc

It looks like Jessica Jonathan Yaniv has had another defeat in the British Columbian courts today in the conference call over trying to weasel a “default judgement” in small claims court for $35,000 against Donald Francis Smith (BC CSO 86323) and Kari Simpson (BC CSO 86324). Yaniv to pathetically sell the idea of benevolence that “she” provided the defendants an additional “two-and-a-half weeks” to reply because of the shutdown of the court registrar because of COVID-19 protocols at the start of the pandemic. However, the process was impossible and the judge reviewed the surface information and was clearly not interested in hearing any of Yaniv’s nonsense on the matter- it was crystal clear that Yaniv’s claims against Smith and Simpson had no jurisdiction in small claims court.

However, it took the judge a few minutes to read through Yaniv’s atrocious handwriting to transcribe what Yaniv was claiming, but in the end ruled that small claims courts has no jurisdiction for Yaniv’s allegations (see copies here). Yaniv’s claims can go to the BC Supreme Court or the BC Human Rights Tribunal, which I believe are venues that Yaniv already failed and is avoiding scrutiny, respectively.

Yaniv was repeatedly cut off by the judge in the Simpson portion of the case. It was clear Yaniv was trying to dispel a narrative about Simpson in the local community, when in reality the real threat is Yaniv. Kari Simpson has posted her audio recording of her hearing today that is available here or below.

I have only been provided a summary of the Smith case, as transcripts will soon be made available to the public. Yaniv tried to tell a sob tale about there was a “fire in the building” and having lots of damage, basically inferring that “she” was essentially homeless. Despite being told neither Smith’s nor Simpson’s case have jurisdiction in small claims court, Yaniv is adamant to pursue it and is reluctant to release Smith from this subsequent frivolous lawsuit despite the judge stating that the allegations are not in the legal scope of small claims court legislation. Ultimately, Yaniv has been once again pointed to the door and told to go through the proper channel to address the “allegations” in the BC Supreme Court. I was shockingly surprised, since after all, Yaniv tried to convince the world last January that they were so, so close to writing the bar exam, meaning Yaniv allegedly has a very coherent understanding of British Columbia’s judicial system (Could Jessica Yaniv really “write the bar exam” in the near future?).

However, we already know Yaniv was outright denied by the BC Supreme Court for pursuing these very same allegations against Smith, except Yaniv is now still on the bandwagon that Smith is allegedly (and repeatedly) “breaching his conditions” and egregious allegations making that Smith has made “bomb threats”. I have verified neither of these things are true, which Langley RCMP told me firsthand were ignored and that the fact Yaniv’s anonymous neighbour, LangleyResident, was never advised of any such significant threat nor was any evacuation undertaken for public safety.

I am more convinced that Yaniv knew there was doubt getting the “default judgement” and was actually using this opportunity as “loophole” to engage Smith with the conditions imposed in order to try and rile Smith up with making more ridiculous allegations from accusing Smith of “bomb threats” and “breaching of conditions”.

Yaniv has expressed desire to continue forward despite told it’s not prudent to do so by a Judge against Smith, which another hearing will be heard in small claims on September 09, 2020.

Smith has conveyed to me repeatedly that he just wants Yaniv out of his life permanently and to stop this campaign of harassment and malicious prosecution. It is clear, Yaniv’s hatred and personal vendetta against Smith over calling out Yaniv as a local predator in the July 26, 2019, BC Human Rights Tribunal reporting, has been the driving force behind all of the nonsense the last year. Furthermore, after Simpson saw Yaniv’s motives for intimidating Smith in a court appearance, she offered advocacy and put up the surety for Smith’s release when granted by former crown prosecutor Janeen Sandhu. This is Yaniv’s motivation against her and not the LGBTQ+ narrative that Yaniv wants others to believe it is.

Only if Yaniv could put as much energy into losing weight to qualify for GRS, improving personal hygiene to avoid having lice and getting into racially motivated confrontations at Fraser Health, obtaining stable employment, and making the very “least” incremental increase becoming a more productive member of society (by stopping the grooming and exploitation of minors and wooing “single mothers with sick children in Toronto”.

Disturbingly around the conference call time today, there were reports from users on SnapChat who provided me that Yaniv made. a selfie stating, “I’m on a conference call. Some girl forgot to mute her phone and let out the biggest orgasmic moan. I’m like… ok you got my attention [emoticons]”. From my observation, it looks like Yaniv went on to the teleconference hearings early today to listen to others. We all know what a pervert and a pathological liar that Yaniv truly is, so whatever imaginary “moaning” was, it likely didn’t happen. The only thing even close, I heard was what sounded like Yaniv’s disturbingly heavy breathing over the conference call. For a minute, I was worried Yaniv was referring to the judge or Kari Simpson about the moaning!

Obtained publicly from SnapChat around 11 AM PST today.

Yet, Yaniv continues to maliciously make frivolous police reports with the intent to put Smith back in jail. It’s amazing to know that most of the Langley RCMP consider Yaniv as someone with “crying wolf allegations”, as I recently heard firsthand when I sat down with a senior member of Langley RCMP on July 29, 2020. Only Constable Safi Sharar remains the arrogant and oblivious member defending his grossly negilgent investigation, as I am not only a key witness, but have been privy to Sharar’s own poor note taking of the incident. Sharar will need to explain in court why there are contradictions in his reports, as well as when he walked me through his investigation and refused to apply the same methodology as he applied to his investigation when faced with the same evidence of Yaniv threatening to kill and harm others via email. I will demonstrate more of Constable Sharar’s negligent investigation in an upcoming blog, as I have only provided you all surface details of it!

My Words of Wisdom to JY:

I hope you’re reading this Yaniv very carefully and that you tread lightly on your legal endeavours going forward. We know that I, along with others, have been actively investigating you for over a year now to ensure you face justice for a number of atrocities to the community! We have a growing plethora of evidence and even more on the way that will be a detriment to all your vexatious litigative nonsense. You know I called in your taser charges last August and encouraged others to do so, which is why you face your own penance on August 31, 2020. I have seen it all firsthand since you tried using your LegalShield last September in order to intimidate Smith.

As I understand, you allegedly have a direct line to the crown prosecutor in Smith’s case, where intel I received from regional suggests the prosecutor might be Brian Shaw, if that name rings a bell to you at all.

After all, you will need to explain some other matters such as why you were harassing my personal cell phone when you thought it was “Donny” and never was told in anyway it was “Donald Francis Smith”. Please let me refresh you to my previous Meow Mix article here. Or how about the upcoming “Baileyleaks”, such as your crusade in the weeks leading up to Smith’s arrest show your motives.

I want to leave you, Yaniv, with a thought: you know that a very reputable senior member of the Langley RCMP has been privy to this invaluable information, and your desires to “kill” Smith and recruiting others to harass him, as you tried with Nicole and others, to try and gaslight Smith back to day one, are now at their disposal. That manufactured email you made about Smith is going to come out because you neglected Forensics 101. I expected more from an washed up “IT guru” such as yourself, “Trustednerd”.

Tick Tock. Your time is coming very soon to face justice!

The BC CSO system charges $6 to simply view a list of documents and $6 – $10 to access documents. Thank you for your generous support in providing these, as our goal is to provide a database to those already incurring substantial costs to fight vexatious and frivolous litigation by Yaniv who continues to abuse the British Columbia legal system. Please look forward to our campaign to have Yaniv labelled as a vexatious litigation and must apply for leave in order to obtain access to the courts.