JY’s Bathroom Filming Habits

A transgender person was recently arrested by Canadian police for filming in the women’s restroom – something Jessica Yaniv is notorious for doing.

Whether it be pool parties and change rooms, public washrooms, or discussing bathroom habits, JY is infatuated with private activities in public spaces. Like many other perverts, JY has been spotted in the bathroom, camera in hand. Yaniv pretends to be snapping selfies in the mirror but young girls are often seen in the background. It all makes you wonder what JY records that isn’t shared.

Just a few bathroom / change room examples below…

JY took this from inside a bathroom stall and shared it with a girl. The full chat log is on MeowTube.
And another, this time over the stall door.

Of course there’s the infamous pad pic…

Selfie in the pool? Ok. You could take the picture in any direction but this one is aimed squarely at the change room. Why?
Why does JYs bathroom have a welcome mat?

And why does JY hoard this?

No other woman has ever shown off her tampon and pad supplies. No other woman has this many supplies either. This is JY’s bathroom.
This one’s great. The stumpy arm cracks me up every time.

Let’s not forget JY spent months, or longer, walking around with Google Glass recording everything. Maybe JY takes a camera in the bathroom because they’ve been “assaulted several times in a bathroom before”. Riiiiight.

What is JY’s obsession with bathrooms? It isn’t normal. People don’t generally talk like this or act like this. What is wrong with JY? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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