J. Yaniv Contacts Meow Mix, Confirms Seizure Assault.

“Will you just stop?? Holy shit.”

J. Yaniv, in his first message to the Meow Mix on twitter.

After weeks of us reaching out to Yaniv and promising to write EXACTLY what he says and only what he says, he finally reached out. On January 4, 2020, Yaniv contacted one of the Meow Mix writers on Twitter and, boy oh boy, was he mad! I’m a bit late posting this because of so much other stuff going on and honestly I had hoped Yaniv would continue the conversation.

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“Why are you being such a jerk with TOTALLY FAKE and defamatory posts?! I don’t get it! What’s your motive here? To ruin me?”, he asked.

No, Yaniv. It isn’t. You see, you’ve encouraged people to kill themselves on more than one occasion. You’ve sent nude photos to underage girls. You’ve tried to share child porn. You pretend you’re transgender but you’re really just an incel. You’ve lied to the police, courts, and human rights tribunals. There’s allegations of you assaulting unconscious people – one that you accidentally confirmed in your DM to me (keep reading). There’s allegations of you assaulting girls in a school and shelter, and despite some people being skeptical of the Jenny story, there are now at least 2 sources for it. You’re literally obsessed with tampons and little girls. Nothing about you is normal and it is the single goal of this blog to document your own actions. You will ruin you. Not us. We’re just writing about events.

Yaniv goes on to whine that he’s pissed, and he hasn’t hurt anyone. He say’s everyone that has a story about him is lying. The Meow Mix has hurt him and his mom, he says. We’re making false allegations, he says. He’s happy to keep attacking Jenna, the girl he encouraged to kill herself. She’s defaming it, he says, so he implies she deserves it.

“SHE KEEPS CALLING ME PEDO. IM DONE WITH PEOPLE CALLING ME THAT. If they do, i will start launching lawsuits. One after the other.”

J. Yaniv. Jan 4, 2020.

When confronted about this, and told that there is so much evidence against him – pictures, videos, chat logs – and people will unite against him, he replies with a simple statement: “All the claims are false!”.

When pushed on this, Yaniv adds, “I never did anything wrong”.

I replied, “Nothing at all? Really? Not to Jess Rumpel?”

Yaniv: “Nope”.

Me: “Louise? Jenna? Manda? Ashley? Others? I’m not trying to entrap you. Then why did you apologize to Jess for it?”

Yaniv: “Never did anything wrong to any of those girls. To get her to shut up. PR stunt.”.

When confronted about his messages and videos to Jenna and Manda, Yaniv says that nothing he sent to them was wrong. He adds that he never told anyone to kill themselves.

There’s one specific thing I want to point out. Several weeks ago I announced that there was a report of Yaniv allegedly molesting a girl who was unconscious due to a seizure. I didn’t provide names, details, initials, locations, times, or even the year. I simply said that I knew this event happened. There were skeptics. I would be too. Yaniv wanted to talk about this.

The redacted part is the victims initials – the ones that I haven’t told anyone. Yaniv knows exactly who I’m talking about and he attacks her, saying she is dying for attention. Truth is, Yaniv was dying for her attention. I can’t say much more because the family has insisted on silence because Yaniv retaliated against them in classic Yaniv fashion – pizzas and cops. Yaniv even confirms that by saying, “Her house got raided by cops, you think I care? LOL”. I knew that story, but didn’t write it. Nobody has. Ever. The only reason Yaniv knows is because he sent the cops there after making false allegations against the girls parent, exactly like he did to Donald. Yaniv even says, “She wants revenge.”. For what Yaniv? What would this teen girl who was unconscious with you want revenge for? Hmm?

His last message is a simple threat to me: “Think I don’t know who this is.”

Yaniv…we know who you are. The world knows who you are. The Post Millennial, Rebel Media, KiwiFarms, and a million other sites know who you are.

You’re always welcome to add more to your statements Yaniv. I promised you I would write exactly what you wanted to say, and only that. Here’s the entire chat log for everyone to read (see pics below).