JY: Animal Abuser?

For anyone that’s been around, you may remember all of the Norman Bates and Silence of the Lambs memes that were being posted at Yaniv.  Early on myself and others posted these not knowing the entire twisted truth of why this was so very apropos. 

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Serial killers such as Gacy, Berkowitz, Dahmer, and Bundy were all cruel to animals before they started being cruel to people.  Henry Lee Lucas as an example would kill livestock then have intercourse with the corpse.  He later went on to kill his own mother, an underage girlfriend, and an older lady he was staying with.  When Jeffrey Dahmer was young he killed cats, dogs, frogs and impaled their heads on sticks.  When Dennis Rader was young he hung a cat and dog, later becoming known as BTK.  There are other similarities to serial killers, such as the fact Yaniv feigns disability to get people’s guard down much like Ted Bundy.  And like Ed Gein, Yaniv has a strange relationship with their mother.  Yaniv has striking similarities to Luca Magnotta; the attention-seeking, hyperinflated sense of self (both think they’re models), manipulative use of social media, and they both have issues with harming/killing animals.

In previous Meow Mix articles, there’s examples of Yaniv abusing animals.  In one instance they were kicked out of a school for creeping on underage girls in the bathroom and demanding pads.  In retaliation, Yaniv allegedly stole the families puppy, bashed it’s skull in, and left a note saying “karma is a bitch”. 

While living at Greenside they allegedly tortured wild bunnies and physically abused  their own cat twice.  The cat was actually cut open.  Most recently, Miriam was seen toting around a dead puppy at the condo. 

Twitter post made by Yaniv, attempting to blame someone else.

Here at Meow Mix we love our critters.  As pet owners and animal rights activists, we were all very sad to learn that Yaniv had done all this.  These allegations were turned in to law enforcement with no appreciable results.  Was it a lack of evidence or the PC police at work? The jury is out on that, but it is unsettling that this seems to follow Yaniv wherever they go.  What are the chances?

One thing that isn’t helping is the RCMP letting Yaniv do whatever they want.  Yaniv can call the police, fire, and EMS repeatedly for frivolous reasons and not get cited.  Yaniv can assault reporters and not get arrested.  Yaniv threatens to kill people with zero repercussions.  Yaniv has fabricated stories of sexual assaults that never occurred.

Back when all this first started and I didn’t know half of what I do now about the situation, I thought Yaniv was just a laughing stock.  It was pretty funny that Yaniv shopped what looks like a hairy buttcrack on their chest for the illusion of cleavage.  Saying they’re a “model” while looking like Shrek in a dress did make me giggle.  Unfortunately, it stopped being funny.  It’s not totally clear how this all started but I feel like I know exactly how it will end.  It’s a shame no one in Yanivs life thought to or cared enough get them help for their very obvious mental health issues.  There’s only two ways this ends; prison or the funny farm.

Before I bid you adieu in this article, I’d like to share an opinion.  I will never use male or female pronouns for Yaniv publicly.  Reason being, no one that hates women as much as Yaniv does isn’t deserving of that distinction.  Yaniv in no way, shape, or form possesses any feminine qualities.  Alas, there’s nothing manly about them either besides the obvious aggression and misogyny.  These qualities does not a man make.  Instead, I think of them as an it.  A thing.  A they.  A them.  Yaniv has lost any semblance of manhood but is intrinsically incapable of being female.

All this being said, I want everyone to be safe.  We know that Yaniv carries weapons and with the stress of impending legal losses, I worry that they will lash out in physical aggression again.  The fact a reporter had a security detail speaks volumes on the situation.  Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading.

Sincerely Yours, @CrustedNerd

Meow Mix Editor Addition

Yaniv’s alleged animal abuse stories go beyond what’s written above. Some time ago, Yaniv announced on Twitter that someone broke into their house and drugged their dog. The police investigated and found no signs of break in, but Yaniv stuck to the story. Keep in mind that Yaniv was a self-declared tech guru at the time, with a condo full of gadgets, and nothing was stolen.

I want to emphasize the stupidity of this story – someone allegedly broke into an apartment full of expensive electronics and prescription medications and stole nothing. Instead, they left behind expensive drugs (feeding it to Yaniv’s dog).

Anyone else skeptical?

Yaniv is alleged to have since adopted a new dog, and there are rumours floating around that it may already be dead. I can’t confirm this, but the dog hasn’t been seen.

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