jessica yanvi simpson

JY vs Township of Langley Update – Settlement Conference

Information is streaming in from various sources and this post is going to be a mix of things we can prove and my theories. Stick with us…

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has sued the Township of Langley’s civil staff (RCMP support staff) for mistreatment while he was in jail for 3 hours.

I will update this as events unfold. There may be nothing else today but who knows…

Update: 12:00 Noon PST.

Today, Yaniv posted this image to Facebook:

jessica yanvi simpson

By itself it doesn’t mean much, but knowing it came immediately after his scheduled settlement conference with the ToL today (which is a matter related to the RCMP), I am speculating that Yaniv got told to fuck off today and he’s out for vengeance.

To Yaniv I say: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Serial loser loses again.