JY Using @HERSocial To Manipulate People

JY often shares zoom meeting invitations to seminars hosted by @HERSocialApp.

Normally it would be no big deal that Yaniv is doing this but let’s look at what Yaniv is posting in the seminar chat thread. Also note that there are dozens of attendees at these seminars, many on webcam, and some appear to be young girls.

JY with their “very feminine” office background.
Doubling down on their accusations against Amy Hamm. Lying scum.

Pause for a moment. Is JY really so thick that they think they’re the only one getting violent threats for being an activist? The sheer arrogance….

In case you wanted proof that Yaniv is weaponizing the legal and BCHRT systems, there you have it.

Umm…this is how JY introduced themselves…and next is how JY talks about “hateful organizations”.

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