JY Using Dating Apps as a Hunting Ground

Yaniv has done it again, stooping to new depths of depravity.  This hambeast is lower than the frogshit at the bottom of the swamp.

On Snapchat, it posted they had their first date (at the age of 32).  Further investigation found that Yaniv created a fake dating profile claiming to be a lesbian with a picture making them unrecognizable.  To disarm potential victims they claim to be a biological woman and shorter than they are in real life.  There were other lies such as not being a drinker. 

This is problematic on a variety of different levels.  Anyone on this dating app wouldn’t be expecting a four hundred pound beast of a man with an egg-shaped pecker and a penchant for getting violent when confronted.  They wouldn’t be expecting a physically aggressive version of Peter Griffin in a dress.  How did Yaniv expect to explain all this?  “Sorry I blatantly lied, it’s the only way I could get close a lesbian for a sexual encounter”?   Personally, I think Yaniv is using dating sites so they can attack and victimize young lesbian and bisexual women.  Because incel and patriarchy.

This kind of gross manipulation and targeting of women is heinous and extremely dangerous.  And because no laws were broken in this situation, RCMP may not be able to do anything. 

JY is pretty good at avoiding legal trouble, infact they’re too good to dismiss any notion that it isn’t on purpose.  JY is not a mentally ill person at the mercy of their own mind, they’re a calculating predator.  This was premeditated.

We are not powerless here at MeowMix.  We always have tricks up our sleeves and are a step ahead.  If you read this Yaniv, understand that you will never get away with anything.  We won’t let you.