JY Tough Guy – Greatest Hits Collection

In the moments between Yaniv’s (alleged) preying on children, (alleged) assaulting unconscious people, (alleged) conning businesses operated by immigrants, (alleged) plagiarizing tweets from celebs as his own, (alleged) feigning rare medical ailments, (alleged) lying to police, and (alleged) trying to force his hairy balls into peoples hands, JY is actually a really nice guy.

Just kidding, he’s a jackass.

He tries to be a tough guy but it’s mostly just hilarity. From claiming to bitch slap reporters (start at about the 0:50 mark of this video), to gloating about his “super strong grip” and fighting off an attempted robbery on the bus, Yaniv has a long, hilariously pathetic history of violence. It reads like the track list of a cheesy 90’s compilation album commercial on late night TV:

And now, fresh from the Langley vaults, JY, Tough Guy, featuring…

  • Taser Dance
  • Wig Out (Party City Remix)
  • Slain by the Pink Cane
  • You Don’t Want to Be On The Other End of What I Have
  • Meow Meow Meow, Die Motherfucker, featuring WGKitty
  • No Tears Left to Fake
  • Golden Ears Bridge Body Dump
  • Bi, Bi, Bi
  • Defamation Nation
  • Senorita (I’ll Sue You!)

But wait! There’s more! Buy it today and we’ll double your collection with these great B-Sides from his album Don’t Go Back to Greenside!

  • I Can’t Wait to Viciously Assault that (Denton) Dick
  • BlockWatch Captain of Her Heart
  • Who’s Next, ft Mimi Bobek.
  • Don’t Mess with Jess
  • Hawthornian Rhapsody
  • Boob Scootin Boogie
  • I Need to Sit Down

Buy now and receive the JY Christmas Special Bonus Disc! Featuring timeless hits (ha! Get it!?) like…

  • Fatty Got Run Over by a Reporter
  • Do You See What I See Through the Peephole
  • Little Flubber Boy
  • All I Want for Christmas is Wax
  • Jingle Ball Rock

Check it out in the JY Tough Guy folder in the Meow Mix media vault, MeowTube.

PSA: If you see JY in public, keep clear. We hear he stinks. Also, he carries a tiny baton in his pants that he claims will break bones, and we don’t just mean the tiny penis he gloated about to Manda. The first person to actually get beat up by JY will never live it down. Honestly, I might even laugh at you. Sorry, not sorry.