JY Superfan Mark SJW Hughes Speaks Up!

In an effort to be fair to Jessica Yaniv, we’ve been scouring the universe for supporters or fans. Jessica Yaniv claims she has millions of fans and she’s universally adored. She’s a model, feminist, activist, and internet celeb. Now we learn why! Meet Mark SJW Hughes, host of the Pulling the Plug podcast, and renowned social justice warrior!

Thanks again for doing this Mark. Tell us how you first heard about Jessica Yaniv and what you thought? 

Before we go any further, I’m going to need to you to bring in a trans Cherokee elder to do a territorial acknowledgement and cleansing ceremony.

Wait, what? What are you doing? What is tha…

I have been following the stunning and brave Kween for years now, and only willfully ignorant people don’t know about her. She is the only trans activist to actually make a difference. The movement needed a trans woman with enough balls.

How did you arrange your interview with her? It was certainly eye-opening!

I messaged her deferentially and when she said yes I jumped for joy so hard that it woke my parents up, and being the typical racists they are, they came down to yell at me about the rent money I owe them.

Yaniv showed their bra to you on camera. What did you think of that? 

Well in the wake of #metoo, I thought it was very stunning and brave, cause as someone who still has male genitalia, there’s an 85% chance I’m a rapist, yet she courageously tempted me. What a gift to have bestowed. Why do you ask? You make it sound like you weren’t grateful? You didn’t issue a trigger warning before asking me that!!!!

What happened off camera? Was JY friendly or did anything fun happen? 

She’s a busy gal, and had to go, but for a second I think we had a connection. Could just be wishful thinking, or cause I had recently upped my hormone dose and my girlfriend had been in Jamaica for like 6 weeks with her boyfriend, DeShawn.

As Yanivs supporter, what do you say to the trolls? Or Blaire White? 

Blaire White is a sad case of an Aunt Tom. As hot as she is, and as much as I would like to decolonize her, I think she owes the trans community huge reparations…like a year’s supply of her hormones, and donate her breasts to inner city trans youth.

Trolls get their cumuppance, I’m a master doxer.

Do you think Yaniv can get pregnant?

I’m not even going to enact one milligram of emotional labor answering that. See how I don’t wear a watch, it’s cause I don’t have time for hate speech…and being forced to be on time is racist.

What about periods? 

See answer above, but also, only bigots think periods can’t be brown and full of corn.

So Yanivs periods are corny and brown. Gotcha. Do you think the cotton in Yanivs tampons was ethically sourced or should we be concerned over racist roots?

I don’t expect you to understand the nuances of periods and trans women. But I will say that I trust if Kween Yaniv has the same tastes and sensibilities as me, she prefers only the best quality tampons, containing cotton picked by the most ethically buff POC men. I can picture it now, and let’s just say I would be to quick to unpack them

In closing, I always like to ask people what message they could send to Yaniv if they could say anything they want. What about you? 

Ms. Yaniv, you are an inspiration to us all, and if I could I would wax your ovaries with my tongue.

Thanks Mark, I’m starting to see what you see now…

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