JY Sues Kari Simpson! Claims To Be Suicidal. Again.

On March 16, Yaniv declared she was going to sue Kari Simpson of Culture Guard. That may be the first truth Yaniv has told in a long time.

On March 17, Yaniv filed a notice of claim in BC Provincial Court, claiming Kari Simpson has been harassing her since December 2019.

Yaniv demands a $15,000 penalty for this, forgetting the fact that Yaniv has been hated globally for years, and Kari Simpson is such a minor player in the game that her impact on Yaniv’s reputation can best be described as “zip”.

Of course, Yaniv requested that the court waive the filing fees, saying that Kari Simpson has to be stopped because she is making her suicidal. Yaniv claims Simpson has caused anxiety and depression and plays the transgender card several times. Yaniv even accuses Simpson of recording her from Simpsons office located above Yaniv’s audiologists office.

Yaniv has a long history of fake suicide claims. She weaponizes it to bully, get attention, and manipulate people.

This brings Yaniv current case load to the following:

  • JY vs Donald Smith
  • JY vs Kari Simpson
  • JY vs Rebel Media guys
  • JY vs Amy Hamm
  • JY vs Bill Whatcott (BCHRT, suspended)
  • JY vs other salons (BCHRT, suspended)
  • JY weapons charges – June sentencing date
  • JY private prosecutions – 14 of them are lined up to be seen by a single judge on May 25, which is a good indicator to me that Yaniv is about to get squashed.

You can access ALL of these files in the Meow Mix Legal Doc Library.

You seriously have to wonder just how miserable someone is that this is the life they’ve made for themselves…

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