JY: Sad Masochist, or Just Sad?

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Is Jessica Yaniv a masochist?

By masochist, we don’t mean your typical 50 Shades of Grey style, spanking, whipping..etc. We are referring to a pleasure for failure, humiliation, defeat, or as we also describe…a self-defeating personality. Almost like a ‘Self-Schadenfreude’ like personality. Schadenfreude evokes joyful feelings that take pleasure from watching someone fail, but in this case, we’re convinced that Yaniv is self-schadenfreude(ing?) themselves. We have the reason to believe this for these reasons:

Editor Note: I don’t want to think about Yaniv self-schadenfrereafyuhs anything. Eww.

Despite all of the obvious evidence, criminal behavior, and conduct online, Yaniv willfully keeps their accounts active and sets themselves up for being caught over and over.

After a humiliating defeat at the tribunal and exposure of their dark and reputation-destroying past, any rational, sane person who wants to keep their business running, their respectability in check, and reputation in good standing, would erase themselves from social media, change their business name, and even change their own name to protect themselves. However, Yaniv keeps metaphorically throwing themselves into the lion’s den with raw steak attached to their waist, and wonders why the lions attack. 

With all of the evidence of pedophilic behavior, why does Yaniv continue using their own business/social media handles (trustednerd) on various sites to prey on teenage girls then deny it wholeheartedly? Even seeking ‘blue-check’ validation from Facebook and Twitter to verify it’s them, but forgetting that they’re verifying their own identify in future crimes? 

Yaniv also continues to post business deals and offers, claiming they work with such business, seemingly hoping to get shut down from others. We have no idea if Yaniv looks at their impression hits on their Twitter and thinks posting business will garner the positive results they want. In terms of business strategy, it’s one of the worst we ever have seen. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” doesn’t work in this case. Take BP for instance – do you think they enjoyed being in the spotlight for the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf? Do you think they enjoyed having people boycott their fueling stations? Of course not. The company took a massive hit thanks to all of the negative publicity. They’ve already spent millions trying to rebuild their image. Yaniv for some reason thinks their scandal of being an alleged pedophile, filing petty lawsuits in the name of trans rights, being a racist, and displaying creepy behavior online will award them with the positive attention of impressions to their social media they need for their failing marketing business.

Even worse, Yaniv makes no effort to conceal his behavior, chatting with young teenage girls online, and engaging with them on platforms such as Snapchat and recently TikTok. Why would one go out of their way to say the sexual inappropriate messages were fake, but make no attempt to conceal their identity when continuing to engage with young teen girls? Or if one is accused of talking with teenage girls online, why wouldn’t Yaniv vigorously block or ignore teenage girls as a whole to maintain some semblance of innocence? It’s like a drug dealer using the same location to sell their drugs, getting caught, but then use that same location to sell drugs over and over again. And it’s not like Yaniv is constantly tricked. Most, if not all, of the girl’s Yaniv has engaged with were adamant to Yaniv that they were underage. If there’s ANY semblance of Yaniv concealing their predatory behavior, it’s that they hide the videos they like on TikTok, probably for disturbing reasons. TikTok is known to be used by mostly very young users, so there is no doubt there’s a strong possibility Yaniv is using the platform for disturbing means.

Calm down Jessica. Nobody is threatening to shoot you. The point is you keep shooting yourself.

Yaniv also parades their humiliating defeat in court trying to sue women who refused to serve them for various reasons. In chat rooms, for example, they encourage other members who are honestly there for a lecture of very different reasons, to look them up and would share negative news press about their activity. Though claiming some aspects of the report to be false, Yaniv has a twisted sense of pleasure from sharing their loses. Most people don’t even want to mention they have to deal with the court system, so there is quite a mystery why someone who wants to clear their name would also parade their defeats in court.

We believe that Yaniv may be attracted to situations where they like to be humiliated and shamed.

We believe Yaniv has not only a fetish for menstrual cycles but as well as a fetish for telling embarrassing stories about themselves or situations. From previous chat logs we have seen, Yaniv prepares paragraphs of situations that they send to multiple people, from their pad usage to their “first time.” It always begins with “Okay so this is embarrassing” right before they already told them this is embarrassing them to tell. Two things to notice here….First, the stories they posted are definitely copied and pasted to tell others over and over. Yaniv wants to tell as many people as possible something embarrassing, even though in many of their testimonies and interviews they declared that its embarrassing to mention their issues and other such things. 

Additionally, Yaniv baits the person in a chat with something they want advice about, stating they want to talk about something, but pulls away saying it’s embarrassing, only to turn around and say it’s embarrassing to say. Most of the women Yaniv has chatted to in the Meow Mix logs never expressed interest in what Yaniv wanted to say, but were at least willing to lend a casual ear to what Yaniv wanted to discuss. Yaniv dangles the bait of discussion with “I dunno it’s embarrassing”, “But I want to talk about it”, “But it’s embarrassing.”

In a disgusting sense, Yaniv is teasing the person with the topic before locking them in to talk about their “embarrassing” questions. There’s an excellent article about whether or not Yaniv is autogynephilic, finding pleasure in only wearing women’s clothes and feminine things like menstrual cycles. Though, we also theorize that they might have a fetish for the fantasy of being caught or at least discussing their embarrassing situations to other girls. Exhibitionism, so-to-speak, like a flasher, but in this case, Yaniv flashes their embarrassing problems to girls. If we were to coin a term, Yaniv is a Failure Flasher.

Speaking of embarrassing situations, one of Yaniv’s favorite topics.

Yaniv, trying to gain validation to go into the women’s restrooms (at the time pre-trans) told numerous stories of when they were in the men’s restroom, and while changing their pad, men would be curious enough to peek through or in one case opened up the stall. Most people that I know tend to want to be left alone in the bathroom to do their business, let alone engage with others. Even if I hear someone rip a massive fart, I tune out and leave it be. It’s hard to believe that 1) Men know what the sound of opening a pad sounds like, and are curious enough to peek through with curiosity to know what’s going on..2) That this happens so often that one needs to go to a completely different gender bathroom to feel safe.

Editor Note: Men don’t peak through the stalls at other men. It doesn’t happen, unless the person doing the peeking is a pervert like Yaniv.

I think this was Yaniv’s attempt to create a situation like the hate online, gather up their “evidence” and present to women that this is why they should be allowed in the women’s restroom. Keep in mind this was before Yaniv identified or presented as female. Also keep in mind the irony that Yaniv wanted the security of safety to change in the women’s restroom, but at the same time wanted to know pretty invasive questions such as, “Do you hear girls change often”, “Can I look for the tampon string?” , and “Can’t I change in front of them?”

Now, one can argue that Yaniv, being an “activist”, expects abuse or threats in order to make a change in the world.

Let’s be real, Yaniv is no Martin Luther King. The abuse that Yaniv suffers online is not because they are an activist. Yaniv believes themselves as a “hero” of the trans community, tweeting that they deserve medals, awards, etc.

This is not the case. It is clear that most critics, whether from the LGBT+ community, the Left, or Right, believe the central theme is that Yaniv’s “activism” is tainted by their impure motivations, lying, tactics of suing vulnerable women out of money, and promoting changes that in actuality are very petty in nature, such as free pads in restrooms and changing crosswalks to gender-neutral. We believe in an alternate universe there’s a Yaniv that instead of targeting businesses to sue targets them to educate and motivate them to tolerance.

Instead, Yaniv continues to target businesses and organizations to set up situations that they think will guarantee a successful lawsuit. By doing so, Yaniv gets the negative attention they want, the “hate” that they think they are getting because of their gender identity. They take this content to tell others in the LBGT community and say “Hello fellow trans people, I too am trans, here is the hate I receive online that validates my membership to the community.” 

To also validate their behavior, Yaniv also makes pity videos with make-up and filters having a pity-party complaining why no one likes them, why they have no relationships, etc. (In our opinion by the way, when one takes the time to put on make-up, filters, and then makes the time to make a crying video for the internet to see, instead of seeing a therapist, it screams the desperate need for attention and new subscribers than a cry for help.)

In conclusion, Yaniv may be attracted to abusive situations where they continue to be humiliated, hated, and shamed to self-assure themselves that they are hated for being transgender.

Enduring this pain, yet perpetually creating situations that lead up to the ‘online hate’, but also crying out that they hate the abuse, is the masochist’s way of maintaining some sense of self-assurance of their world view. 

They take the abuse they receive, they collect it, replay it over and over, and use it as a means to gain sympathy from others, to gain their trust, and sneak their way into various groups to gain their attention. If one were to try this in real life, as in meeting new people, to use their abuse as a means of common grounds, there is clearly something wrong with the person. Yaniv is definitely and willingly trapped in an endless cycle of self-defeat or literal defeat from lawsuits. It’s impossible for them not to get some kind of pleasure or gratification of the shame accompanying it. 

Now does this mean Yaniv jerks off to it? No. (Or at least we hope not.) But there is a twisted obsession of self-fulfilling prophecy that is occurring. There’s no end to it because as long as Yaniv gets the attention and reaction they want they will continue to repeat the pattern. And if the attention slows down, they do something big to gain attention all over again, then deny it ever happens, then create a version of the story they believe is the right timeline of events. Like a social media celebrity that does more and more extreme things to gain a higher follower account, this is the path Yaniv chose to trail. One can only hope their actions won’t lead to others getting hurt in the process. 

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