JY Pays Up and Gets Suspended from Twitter!

I bet $6,000 JY is burning up inside handing that money over!

Had this come out yesterday, I would have called it an April fools day prank. Today, April 2, 2020, JY tweeted that the salon workers were paid, and included a picture of a bank draft for $6,000 made out to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

The bank draft appears legitimate, and considering Yaniv tagged the JCCF, Anna Slatz, and various news sources in the tweet, I am confident they genuinely dropped it off.

Yaniv also told everyone to let them live their life now, please. To that I say, “Fuck no”.

Yaniv needs to apologize to and compensate Amy Hamm, Keean Bexte, and David Menzies first.

Yaniv needs to apologize to Jessica Rumpel – genuinely, as well as every other girl named on Meow Mix.

Yaniv needs to come clean on the lies they are living and making things right before anyone will let them live their life freely. JY does not deserve to roam the streets free or live it’s life unwatched. They have proven themselves to be a danger to young girls, women, men, small businesses, immigrants, and society as a whole.

Personally, it is my opinion the only reason JY paid the $6,000 today is because there was a court order demanding it. I suspect Miriam ponied up the money after JY convinced her the other lawsuits will make him rich. They won’t.

JY’s downfall is upon us folks. The string of losses is just beginning. Enjoy the show.

Why do I say that? Moments after JY tweeted the check picture, this happened:


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