JY Medical Analysis

It doesn’t take a doctor to smell bullshit….

Several days ago, the BC Court Services released 120+ pages of Yaniv’s self-filed ‘medical records’. This was simply a printout from dozens of JY’s consultations with doctors via Telus’ Babylon program. In short, this is an app that lets you check some basic symptoms automatically, but also provides basic consultations with doctors via a web app. It’s free, but the doctor service is only available to BC residents, and it’s paid for by the BC government. It’s noteworthy that this compilation didn’t include any information from a general practitioner, family doctor, or in-person doctor visits.

We’ve all had our share of laughs at Yaniv’s medical woes, ranging from scrotum skin tags to chafed nostrils. Now it’s time to look at the real content. This couldn’t have been done by the MM team alone. Readers will recognize the format of the attached docs, and we’re very thankful to our friend from Kiwifarms for compiling this information.

We also analyzed the frequency and details of the Babylon heath events and plotted them on a calendar for your enjoyment.

Before you deep dive into these docs, here’s a few bullet points to help you navigate:

  • The same info is presented two ways – chronologically and categorically.
  • Abbreviations:
    • CoR – certificate of readiness – the 120+ page medical document.
    • FAQ – the Kiwifarms JY frequently asked questions thread.
    • court documents – various other Yaniv records.
    • KF – Kiwifarms. These generally refer to a specific post by someone on Kiwifarms. Click the link to go there.
    • archive – refers to an archived tweet or post.
    • There are many other links in the document, to sites like WedbMD, the Mayo Clinic, other Meow Mix and Meow Tube records, and so on.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Yaniv’s Ailments – ChronologicalDownload
Yaniv’s Ailments – CategorizedDownload
Certificate of Readiness AnalysisDownload

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