JY: Lesbian Dick Pic Trader

It happened. JY, our brave warrior lesbian princess girl, joined a lesbian dating site and shared a dick pic. Allegedly.

This was sent to our hero (heroine?) WGKitty, aka LangleyResident. The story behind the photo was that a woman received in from Yaniv on a lesbian dating site or app. The picture was followed by one of Yaniv’s characteristic wink emojis.

We are DEFINITELY not posting the real picture here, but it’s been posted to sites like KiwiFarms, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find. Look at your own risk.

A couple notes about the pic below..First..that chunky thumb does look like our creepy alleged pedo. Second, the stained carpet looks like the carpet in parts of Yaniv’s condo. Those legs….look about right.

Also, it’s important to note that it’s generally safe to assume anyone on a dating site is 18+, as the site terms and conditions require this. Would it hold up to any legal ground in court? Hard to say, but my point is (at least in this case), JY likely didn’t send this to a minor.

On the other hand, why is this the first dick pic to surface? JY is a known predator and pervert. Surely there are more out there. Or is this fake? One thing is certain – let’s hope this hasn’t been sent to any minors.

What do you guys think? Legit? Is someone trolling us? Leave your comment below!

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