JY Lashes Out At Lauren!

Yesterday, we featured a story describing Yanivs imaginary relationship with a very real woman. She was horrified, and she spoke up.

This didn’t sit well with Yaniv.

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At first, he desperately grasping at her, hoping we made the entire thing up. She ignores his messages, but they keep coming. He even tried sending virtual game moves, hoping to pique her attention.

Eventually, Lauren confirmed his worst nightmare – it was indeed her that spoke up against him. This didn’t sit so well with the incel.

Yaniv even tried to act innocent, calling one Meow Mix writer a troll, and saying the trolls just won’t leave him alone. Yaniv even tries to make her a victim, saying we were trolling her, too.

Unfortunately for Yaniv, we have evidence, and unlike him, we have friends. Friends like Katie, Jess, Riley, Madison, Hannah, and so many more.

I think the line that pisses me off the most about the above screenshot is Yaniv saying, “I know you did not send this.”

Is he hoping? Is he threatening? Gaslighting?

One thing is certain – he’s wrong.

Yaniv tried denial. No luck.

Yaniv tried to act innocent, but for once, Yaniv said something right: we are watching every word he says. Why? Because he’s a predator.

Funny note… If you don’t know, iOS notifications appear on reverse chronological order. The most recent text was the top one – Yanivs last attempt to recover by telling her he liked her. She ignored it.

Then he lashed out.

Yaniv sent this, trying to look scary. Anyone else recognize Yanivs pattern? As a refresher, it goes “Lie – look innocent – be friendly – act like a victim – say he’s popular and has haters – discuss tampons – send creepy videos – BUSTED – denial – act like a victim – blame you – get mad – make threats – make prank calls – send pizza.” You get the point.

Things escalated later that night. Around midnight in Lauren’s time zone she started receiving calls from an unknown number. Wisely, she ignored them, but there were silent, wordless voicemails left each time.

Eventually, Lauren blocked him and his number. Yaniv, being a malicious, vengeful incel, will probably lash out again, but Lauren will tell us, and we’ll tell you.

Yaniv… we’re watching. We’ll keep telling the world what you do until you stop preying on people.