JY is Back Riding the Vexatious Litigation Bandwagon

March 10, 2020

We advise that you twice before you want to publicly call Jessica Jonathan Yaniv a “pedo”, “pedophile”, “predator” or “child groomer”. Yes, these are the allegations made about Yaniv that have emerged, but if you put the word “alleged”, “allegedly” or infer “allegations”, you could definitely cover your own butt from being sued by Yaniv! Then again, if you’re anonymous online looky-loo and not residing in Canada, you are more than likely never going to be another notch in Yaniv’s extremely large vexatious litigation belt. At this point, Yaniv must be more comfortable letting that litigative gut hang out!

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It looks like that Yaniv spent much of the weekend rushing to respond to all civil suits that were filed on Monday. Yaniv faces civil litigation Amy Eileen Hamm, Rebel News Media (Keean Bexte and David Menzies) and Donald Frances Smith. The common denominator between the plaintiffs are that they are all made up of alternative news media sources that have negatively reported on Yaniv, including sexual exploitation of underage girls. Although none of these allegations have been proven in court, given Yaniv’s continued behaviour, we are confident that there is a good likelihood of success for the Plaintiffs prevailing.

Amy Eileen Hamm is a journalist for the Post Millennial, writer for the Feminist Current and a local activist as part of GIDYVR (Gender Identify Debate Vancouver). Hamm has actively opposed Yaniv as a transgender activist and was present in the gallery at the the BC Human Rights waxing hearings in July 2019 after Yaniv made vexatious complaints with a racial animus against local aestheticians over refusing to wax male genitalia.

Hamm is an unfortunate victim to circumstance when she attempted to use the restroom around 3:10 PM on January 13, 2020. Hamm was at the Surrey Provincial Courthouse to report on the progression of Yaniv’s weapons charges. Upon entering the restroom, she was shocked and intimidated to immediately see both Jessica and Miriam Yaniv, which she immediately removed herself from the situation. Yaniv emerged from the restroom proceeded to make a ruckus alleging to BC Sheriff’s that Hamm tried to take pictures in the restroom. There were no photos found on the phone.

Days later, Yaniv had committed a libellous act online alleging that Hamm “viciously sexually assaulted” them and also stated that as a result had required the assistance of local rape crisis centre. It is largely obviously Yaniv continues manufacture the trauma such as a visit for sake of appearances to play up their victimhood in order to continue the path of malicious prosecution. Yaniv ignored a letter from Hamm’s lawyers demanding a retraction of the comments online and unequivocal apology.

More at: Amy Hamm sues Yaniv

As we turn to Yaniv’s response to Hamm’s lawsuit, it is something for a good laugh and a nice glass of wine. Yaniv repeats themselves over and over about the “sexual assault”, as if they are trying to convince themselves in their head that it actually happened. However, Yaniv appeared to have waited a few days before alleging to receive services from the rape crisis centre, which we is not “immediately after” the incident.

Yaniv claims in paragraph 3 of the “Defendant’s version of facts” that the “Surrey RCMP has evidence of this offence”. Does that mean an affidavit and statement from both Jessica and Miriam Yaniv, who are known pathological liars? Post Millennial reporter Anna Slatz confirmed on Twitter today that after speaking with Surrey RCMP, Yaniv was untruthful in the response to the claim about charges regarding Hamm.

Yaniv seems focused on feeling “defamed” despite the overwhelming evidence regarding several hundred conversations regarding sexual exploitation of minors. Yaniv only cites the case of Pritchard v. Van Nes, 2016 BCSC 686 – 71 for feeling defamed as a “pedo”, “predator” and “pedophile”. It seems rather inferred that Yaniv blames Hamm for stating this, when hundreds, if not thousands, were stating this online well before Hamm.

In paragraph 14, it appears that Yaniv dissected a citation and has unknowingly misgendered themselves in third person as it seems rather disjointed below. Is Yaniv now confessing they are male? These are court documents, so Yaniv should have done a little more proof reading.

Yaniv seems to be playing on paranoia alleging that Hamm has an “orchestrated campaign to malign [Yaniv’s] character and exhibiting “disgusting behaviour”. It is out opinion that Yaniv seems almost cocky enough to feel it might intimidate Hamm’s lawyers. Although Yaniv failed to govern themselves accordingly and probably still leans on their LegalShield subscription to get their $24.99 a month’s worth. We’re not sure why LegalShield doesn’t wake up that Yaniv is a high-risk client prone to litigation where the costs far exceed any benefits since vexatious litigants use the legal system as a tool to intimidate, silence and harass their adversaries.

Yaniv has made a number of allegations as of late regarding “sexual assault” or “threats of sexual assault” and/or “rape”. This escalation of portraying themselves as a victim of a “protected class”. It is ridiculous that Yaniv continues to use “transgenderism” as a validated defence to click bait and engage in conflict, then immediately deflect as the victim when in fact they are the provocateur.

Yaniv accused a former employer, known as M.V. and confirmed online alleging a sexual assault occurred. Although we reached out to M.V. who was going to pursue the allegations with local law enforcement, we are unable to confirm the current status of this. Previously, Yaniv claimed in Mandyleaks that there was an incident at Kwantlen College of being sexually assaulted by former classmates.

You can read the full response at: Yaniv’s Response to Amy Hamm Lawsuit.

Additionally, Yaniv previously alleged that Donald Francis Smith had also threatened Yaniv with sexual assault and rape. Smith denies this, which there is no evidence of any such claim, meaning Yaniv was likely making this up. As this information is public, Yaniv has not denied the claims.

Yaniv recently responded to a lawsuit, which Smith was unable to serve, due to 39 days of incarceration after what appears to be allegations that Yaniv fabricated evidence of emails to claim Smith breached his conditions on or around December 09, 2019.

At this time, we have been informed that there is an ongoing investigation into the forensic email evidence being presenting to investigators with Surrey RCMP and the Crown Counsel demonstrating Yaniv manufactured the conditions of the breach by manufacturing false evidence, a contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada. Yaniv previously tried to fabricate evidence against Smith on or around October 22, 2019, which Meow Mix received from an anonymous source that was close to Yaniv.

A screenshot of evidence alleged to be fabricated by Jessica Yaniv and never submitted to local law enforcement.
A screenshot of evidence alleged to be fabricated by Jessica Yaniv and never submitted to local law enforcement.

As we understand, as this went public previously with @menacingcrow, Yaniv doesn’t appear to have followed through with this fabricated evidence to local law enforcement. Anyways, how would the “storytelling” go to Langley RCMP of how Yaniv would have come into possession of an email alleged to have been sent to a hitman? The alleged fabricated emails above evidently used Smith’s mannerisms and are also alleged to be in the context of the December 09, 2019 alleged fabricated email, which have not been privy to seeing.

Furthermore, Yaniv seems to have had a stroke or something, which they failed to see that the “vexatious” was spelt as “vexacious”. It was also reported that Yaniv attended the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver, knowing that Smith and Culture Guard’s Kari Simpson were present.

More at: Yaniv’s Response to Donald Francis Smith’s Lawsuit

Yaniv also spent the weekend responding to Rebel Media’s lawsuit for The August 15, 2019 assault against David Menzies and the January 13, 2020 assault on Keean Bexte. Yaniv now denies assaulting either man, despite video evidence, but now defending themselves from “hate crimes”.

Yaniv did not comment in the civil suit response regarding the arrest at home on January 17, 2020.

One thing we point out about Rebel Media is that they do over-sensationalize their content, such they are asking to raise $50,000 in legal costs to justify a $35,000 lawsuit on The least they could do is break-even with legal costs to show Yaniv assaulting reporters has consequences.

Yaniv seems fond of their defender, Michael Petch (@mpetch), so much that they cut and pasted Petch’s comments into the response. We are sure that Petch is very much flattered.

More at: Yaniv’s Response to Rebel Media’s Lawsuit

Prior to Yaniv’s legal woes, they have vocalized displeasure with select media outlets for not interviewing them. This was especially evident with the new waxing complaints that were made public on January 07, 2020.

Yaniv has continued to voice significant more displeasure for Rebel News Media, The Post Millennial and disabled citizen reporter Donald Francis Smith. All parties have looked deeply into Yaniv’s personal history including professional relationships, allegations regarding sexual exploitation of underage girls and a racial animus against the South Asian community.

Given that Yaniv remains self-represented, Yaniv could face financial ruin and possibly bankruptcy if Hamm and Rebel Media alone. Smith still faces an uphill battle overturning Yaniv’s malicious prosecution, including that Yaniv had fabricated evidence.

We are not sure how deep the pockets of Miriam Yaniv are, but it looks like she’ll be picking up the tab on much of this at the end. There are still pending private prosecutions launched by Yaniv and the mediation regarding the Physio table incident to be rescheduled for April 16, 2020.

We are not sure how deep the pockets of Miriam Yaniv are, but it looks like she’ll be picking up the tab on much of this at the end. There are still pending private prosecutions launched by Yaniv and the mediation regarding the Physio table incident to be rescheduled for April 16, 2020.