JY Profiting From Cops Tragedy

Update: as of Aug 9, the GoFundMe has been deleted. It’s not clear if it was cancelled by JY or by GoFundMe. Original post below.

Remember that time JY scammed the Cops 4 Cancer charity?

Now JY is at it again!

His building recently caught fire. His unit was undamaged, but now he wants to start a GoFundMe to raise money for a neighbors apartment, who just happens to be a cop.

Is Jonny trying to compromise the cops or straight up steal? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Personally, I know nothing Jonny does is ever good or selfless. Ever.

Update: he’s really trying to look legit. Nice try Jon. If you were serious you’d name the cop and you’d have his consent.

Also… Did you legally change your name to Simpson? Hmmm. Either that or you’re running a fundraiser under a fake name.