JY Calls NYPD About Anna Slatz.

It takes a special level of arrogance and stupidity to think you’re this fucking relevant, but, once again, JY proves they have what it takes.

This article isn’t about Anna Slatz, writer for The Post Millennial and Rebel Media, who was arrested by in NYC for violating curfew rules during the ongoing protests. According to @ezralevant on Twitter, Anna Slatz should be exempt from these restrictions, and Rebel Media has hired a lawyer. If you’d like more information on Anna’s arrest, which will surely result in her being released without charges, or at worst, minor misdemeanor charges, seek out news from Rebel directly.

Why is this important, you may ask?

Anna Slatz wrote several important and revealing articles about Yaniv’s attempts to groom underage girls. Slatz, a victim of abuse in her own life (as per her Twitter), took a stand against Yaniv’s predatory behaviour. Regardless of who broke which story first, it is unquestionable that Anna Slatz helped bring Yaniv’s story out of shadows and into the mainstream. For that, Yaniv holds a deep grudge.

It’s also important to note that Yaniv has other problems with Rebel Media. There is an ongoing lawsuit between Keean Bexte and David Menzies of Rebel against Yaniv for Yaniv’s assaults on them, both of which were recorded and broadcast on the internet for all.

It’s also widely speculated, although not confirmed, that Yaniv is being investigated by local police for assaulting Bexte outside a courthouse. No charges have been filed at this time.

With all that in mind, a normal person would think it’s best to keep your nose out of Rebel Media’s business, but not Yaniv. Check it out…This video went out to everyone on Snapchat last night – June 2, 2020.

First, Yaniv is obsessed with calling everyone names – bitch, c*nt, etc. Some feminist.

Second, why is JY swearing at the NYPD voicemail box? Does JY think this is funny?

Third, those hands. JY, what the hell? I generally don’t fat shame but since you do it to women daily you’re fair game – you look like each of your fingers weighs 17 lbs and your nails are cheap and tacky. Those aren’t even sausage hands. They’re 9 lbs of ground beef in a 5 lb sack. You look like you have extra knuckles. The nails are so cheap that you can literally see through the yellow ones.

Fourth, do you really fucking think NYPD cares about your opinion? At all? Nobody in Canada does. You’d be strung up in the States by now.

Fifth, “you guys have someone named Anna in your jail in Brooklyn.” Why didn’t you just say Bob, or Billy, or Angela. 2.5 million people in Brooklyn and you think they know “Anna”.

Sixth, you want them to keep her in jail because she’s “a bitch”? Are you stupi…wait, never mind.

Seventh, Yaniv, the police are laughing at you. They weren’t laughing with you. They’re professionals with careers, unlike you.

Eighth, Anna does not hate “the LGBTQ”. Dumbass. Stop using the LGBTQ as a shield. They despise you too.

Ninth, (I thought it would be a short list but there’s just so much stupidity here) do you think police arrest and charge everyone during protests? Nearly all of them are “catch and release”. Very few face charges. It’s unlikely Anna will, and it’s more likely she or Rebel Media will profit from this – which will help them fund future trips to report on you.

Last, Yaniv, you sound like a drunken lunatic. Get help. You need it.

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