UPDATED: JY Allegedly Meets Teen In Parking Lot, Kisses Her

Details are scarce on this, and I will update as they come in, but here’s what we have been told so far. All of this is alleged and not confirmed, and as usual, JY is presumed innocent of all crimes unless a court says otherwise. Refer to our site disclaimer for more info.

Update: May 11, 2020, 10:00 am PST.

Yaniv is still eager to cover their tracks. Today, Yaniv filed a false DMCA complaint against @Langleyresident on Twitter, claiming LR’s picture was violating Yaniv’s copyright. Which picture? The one shown below of JY kissing a mystery girl on the cheek.

This mystery girl was originally described as 15 years old by Yaniv, when they bragged about her to three other girls via video call. Once news came out, Yaniv said she was really 24, although JY also said 22, and 23. It seems odd that JY would be so unclear about their friends age, especially since they’ve been close for four years, as claimed by JY.

Why did JY file a DMCA complaint to hide that picture? What is JY trying to cover up? Why won’t JY speak on video about the issue or discuss it with someone?

Most of all, who is the mystery girl? If she’s Yaniv’s friend she could clear this all up with a statement confirming it. She could come forward and tell Meow Mix how wrong we are and we got played and we’d have egg on our face. Where is she?

Update: May 7, 2020, 7:00 am PST.

On the evening of May 6, Yaniv posted to Twitter that the girl was 24, not 15. JY claims that LangleyResident and others took the bait, and we were all simply pawns in their elaborate trolling operation. Yaniv claims to have contacted the RCMP themselves, and the RCMP laughed with them over this story, even telling Yaniv that they can kiss anyone they want. It’s interesting that Yaniv is now claiming the Langley RCMP are friends when just days ago Yaniv was attacking and insulting both the RCMP officers and the call center employees.

It’s also interesting to note that immediately after LangleyResident, and later Meow Mix and others, posted this story, Yaniv lashed out at the three girls (there was one more than originally reported) and threatened to sue them and expose them if they didn’t shut up.

I personally spoke with two of the girls about the events that unfolded and they explained that Yaniv video called them and said that they (JY) were meeting with a 15 year old girl (they recall that JY said 15) in a parking lot, and then JY said, “I’m with my friend and she’s way prettier than you”, or something similar to those words. JY then ran up to the friend and, according to the girls, the friend looked very uncomfortable and awkward. It’s worth noting that the three girls commented among themselves after that the “friend” looked younger than them (aged 16-19).

I’ll leave that for your to decide. Was this an elaborate troll operation by JY, similar to the racist social experiment from 2019, or is JY trying to cover their tracks by making up a story?

Update: May 6, 2020, 9:00 am PST.

On May 5, 2020, JY drove somewhere a couple hours away to meet a 15 year old girl. Her name and location are unknown. JY shared the pic below, in which they are seen kissing her.

This picture was sent via Snapchat to a couple other girls, to whom JY bragged about meeting the 15 year old. One of these girls lives in another province, far from JY. JY used her Snapchat location and offered to travel to her to perform oral sex on her.

She immediately turned off her location in Snapchat.

There are no other details known about the 15 year old girl. However, there are some other troubling social media activities in recent days, not the least of which was Yaniv sharing child porn with several people on Snapchat.

The above images were sent out via Snapchat, although I am not sure who received them yet. This is how JY manipulates people – begging for pity.

It’s noteworthy that the above suicide note was stolen from the internet. JY is not suicidal in any way. JY is far too arrogant. A google image search found the original image in moments.

Finally, while bragging about meeting the 15 year old girl, Yaniv was on webcam, where he exposed themselves, again. We’ve censored the image.

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