JY’s Just A “Girl”

JY is desperate to be a transgender girl, not a woman. Just ask him.

When one thinks of a girl vs. a woman, you generally think of age as a factor first. A girl is often perceived as younger, maybe more innocent and naive. A woman is grown, matured, perhaps wiser. The Oxford dictionary defines a woman as an adult female, and girl signifies a young woman.

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There’s a million more woke blogs than this one that go into the differences between women and girls, but for most people the two terms are different things.

This begs the question – why is Yaniv so hell bent on being a girl?

Why is Yaniv so eager to be seen as a young, innocent girl?

Could it be because young, innocent girls are what Yaniv desires most? Could it be that Yaniv wants other people to look on him the way that he looks on young girls? Yaniv oozes adoration and sweats affection onto young girls in a way that everyone outside his head finds repulsive. Is he seeking that attention from others? Does he want to be someones little girl?

Either way, most women – trans or otherwise – are content to refer to themselves as a woman, or a transwoman, or simply a person, but Yaniv insists on repeatedly trying to convince the world that he’s just a girl. Pay no attention to the innocent little girl. Right?


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