July Yaniv Roundup!

It really was Christmas in July for those of us who follow the antics of Jonathan Yaniv, aka Jessica Yaniv. Highlights include:

  • Nicole dumping over 150 new screenshots and pictures.
  • Yaniv being arrested for assault
  • Confronting David Menzies of Rebel Media in Toronto
  • Lurking outside the GrS Montreal Clinic in the dark
  • Jon and Miriam’s Excellent Cross Canada Adventure
  • Murder threat/incest videos

Let’s get started unwrapping the delights of the month. Remember the road trip the Yaniv clan took to the Okanagan area of BC to visit Nicole and her friends. Well, July started off with us all learning that Yaniv burnt Nicole in a fit of jealousy over her boyfriend. He then attempted his tried and tested MO, reporting Nicole’s boyfriend for assaulting her as well as reporting her to the BC family services branch of the government for domestic issues. Of course it was all lies and Nicole was furious. She went to her local RCMP to complain and wants them to lay mischief charges against Yaniv. She is now considering laying defamation charges as well.

yaniv creepy message to nicole about jessica

But it doesn’t stop there. Yaniv had tried to manipulate the wrong woman and she fought back in a way guaranteed to inflict as much public humiliation on Yaniv as possible. She released all of her screenshot conversations with Yaniv to us, where they were verified and analyzed.

Thank you Nicole, we are still using them and sending the relevant ones to the lawyers of Yaniv’s other victims.

Around, the same time MeowMix was notified by its fundraiser that Yaniv had complained about MeowMix. The company examined Yaniv’s complaint and our content, then dismissed Yaniv’s complaint. Point: MeowMix.

The next week was an extremely busy one for Yaniv, between changing his name on his various social media platforms from Yaniv to Simpson or to just dropping the his last name to simply Jessica. You really aren’t in the same league as Cher or Oprah, Jon, but nice try at trying to distance yourself from your birth surname. 

Next a warrant for his arrest for assaulting Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte way back in January was issued. Yaniv was allowed to turn himself in, was processed, and released on a promise to appear – the old catch and release hated by so many non violent, law abiding citizens.

Next we get to open the biggest present under the July tree. But first, some background…

Yaniv apparently has a fiancé, Sara, who has a very sick child. Remember the “Pray for my Stepdaughter” tweet. The child had been taken to Toronto for specialized treatment. Yaniv has never met the fiancé, but he does know that she is a lesbian and is not bothered that he has not had GRS. He has never talked to her on the phone. He courted her via text and messenger. When she “went” to Toronto, Yaniv wanted to come. Yaniv was allegedly told not to visit Toronto but did so anyways.

The Yanivs arrived in Toronto and checked into the Pantages Hotel. Here is where it gets interesting. Both Rebel Media and MeowMix were notified that the Yanivs were in Toronto and how to find them. Our tip may have come from a hotel employee or guest who recognized Yaniv. Rebel Media’s source told them all about Yanivs fiancé, which is why when David Menzies tried to interview the Yanivs in front of their hotel, he very deliberately and specifically used the word CATFISH.

It’s right now that it’s a good time to include the July 8, 2020 story on MeowMix about Jonathan Yaniv catfishing a woman from the Vancouver area also named Jessica. Details here.

Many of us had suspected Yaniv was being catfished back, especially after the stepdaughter tweet, but Menzies line of questioning confirmed everyone’s suspicions. The interview devolved into chaos as situations with both the Yanivs and Rebel Media tend to do. Watch the entire thing here. Pay particular attention to the Yaniv’s many bags filled with hotel toilet paper, towels, and toiletries. Did they raid a housekeeping cart on their way out? Thieves…

Next the Yanivs drove 5 hours to Montreal where Jonathan shot a very creepy, stalker video in the middle of the night in front of GRSMontreal or as he called it “the place where magic happens”. Jonathan obviously thought he could just walk in the next day for a quick consult or to ask a few questions without an appointment.

Individuals who have been approved by their referring doctor AND who have had all the psychological tests AND have met all the other requirements wait months for an appointment, probably longer now because of the COVID backup. Besides, according to the clinics own guidelines, Yaniv is too obese. He would have to take the weight off and prove he could keep it off.

Then, for some reason, the Yanivs began a cross Canada drive to get back to Langley. Was it mother/son/daughter bonding exercise in case Yaniv was actually sent to jail? Were they running drugs to raise money for Jonathan’s legal expenses? No one seems to know but the most excellent adventure ended in Winnipeg when they got on a plane and flew home. One answer might be that, while they were gone, a local LBGTQ activist was busy putting up warning posters about Yaniv all over the lower mainland and they had to get back to remove them, or perhaps they were ordered back by the BC Sheriffs. Yaniv is awaiting sentencing the end of August on illegal weapons charges. Was he illegally out of the province?

The posters are proof that Yaniv is hated by the local LBGTQ community. Not only did they go up but many of Yaniv’s haters are writing their own thoughts on them. Yaniv’s socks can keep to keep the delusion up by claiming that both his Strata and the local LBGTQ community love him but the evidence proves otherwise.

The Yanivs had returned to Langley. He wasn’t seen, but he was heard as he sat in his car blasting out rap songs. Whenever, the words pussy or n**** were used, he shouted them out as the top of his voice as he “sang” along. He is still a racist. Many have speculated that if he didn’t dress like a fat woman (badly) and like little girls or was Jewish, he would have joined the local white supremacist group.

Next the Yanivs departed for Hawaii – at least that is what Yaniv claimed in the previously mentioned creepy Instragram post. In reality, the mother and son were frolicking in the hot tub at the Prestige Inn in Sooke, B.C. Wonder if the Yanivs pillaged the housekeeping carts there as well as they were leaving.

As July began to wind down, a new witness came forward, met with Kari Simpson who accompanied him when he gave a statement to the Langley RCMP on behalf of Donald Smith. He was then kind enough to write about it for MeowMix which published Jessica Yaniv’s Ongoing Chronicles (and crying Wolf)

Even as Billy was giving his statement, Yaniv was busy filing even more legal paper work for his private prosecutions and/or civil actions & criminal charges. MeowMix has ordered them and will soon publish an analysis.

Yaniv’s other antics this month included using his body cam to take pictures in the women’s restroom on board a BC Ferry These were not simple selfies. They were angled to get shots of of the stalls behind him but it looks, thank goodness, that no one was using them.

July ended on a sexual note for Jonathan. He shared a porn website’s address and picture on SnapChat with his followers, most of whom are minors. This is the third time that Yaniv has transmitted porn to children and, of course, he was reported. We suspect that this report will be added to the others making future charges harder to plead out or down or to be found not guilty.

MeowMix also published a picture of his butt which he had sent to someone he was catfishing on a lesbian dating site & was leaked to us. Remember the penis shot? You have been warned. We have to wonder what his “fiancé” thinks about him still hunting on lesbian dating sites.

July is over. The prelude to Yaniv’s August three ring circus has begun, if the frantic tweeting and the number of Yaniv socks are any indication. So far two have been suspended, one is still active and seems to be on a desperate mission to get the Cimorellis to admit that Yaniv was responsible for their success and that he was let go because they are transphobic. For the record, Yaniv was merely a volunteer, not their manager, and the relationship ended before Yaniv decided that claiming to be transgender was not only a money making proposition, but could protect him from the legal consequences of his pedophile and grooming activities.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below!

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