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July 2021 Jessica Yaniv Simpson WrapUp

July was a month of legal losses for Jessica Yaniv Simpson, who was surprisingly quiet about having to either withdraw his lawsuits or having them dismissed outright. Maybe his criminal lawyer told him to STFU online until after his trials. However, July was anything but quiet for the rest of us with the ongoing release of the Arianna leaks. There is just too much material to do any kind of a justice to a summary here. But do check them out. If you have a strong stomach, also check out KiwiFarms, where the really disgusting screen shots were sent by Arianna.

The Ariannaleaks were really the best part of the month – the titles alone should give you an idea of what to expect if you go digging:

  • Part 1: Creepy fingers, missing clitoris, and JY the Teacher
  • Part 2: Mommy fetish, corporate tax fraud, and dilating
  • Part 3: Baby fetish, silver nitrate, and sucky sucky
  • Part 4: DentonDick, rape, suicide fantasies
  • Part 5: Sara, blood, pageants
  • Part 6: Tampons, timbits, and TMI
  • Part 7: 12 year olds, LangleyResident, and posters
  • Part 8: First Nations fraud, Megan, and Paris
  • Part 9: Six-figure jobs, diabetes, and bear spray
  • Part 10: Innies, stains, and cheese
  • Part 11: Blue waffles, cake, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Part 12: Car crashes, entrapment, and Omegle.

July 1, Canada Day, was unforgettable this year for people who watch Hayden Hewitt’s Trigger Warning on YouTube. Hewitt featured Canadian Jonathan Yaniv (legal name Jessica Serenity Simpson) and his missing anatomy but could not stop laughing. Same with the viewers. Yaniv is still claiming to be a global personality. Too bad he won’t accept that he is and always will a global joke.

July 3 – Yaniv started to virtue tweet every three hours. It appears as those he signed up for a free trial so that his account would contain some content for all his bought followers. Unfortunately, some of the quotes were double entrendres of his life. They did provoke a small number of replies, but his Twitter account is still severely ratio’ed for someone who has nearly 125K followers.

Also on July 3, Yaniv returned briefly to Twitter to gloat over the latest Donald Francis Smith misstep. Yaniv is so predictable that a pool had been started to see how quickly he would go online gloating.

On July 4, Jonny was in a hospital in Victoria. Speculation was rife about why he had to go to a Victoria hospital, but the interesting point is that no one noticed that he was gone until he complained on Facebook that the Victoria General Hospital emergency department staff were deadnaming him and not apologizing for doing so. Three points Dumb Ass…First, all your provincial medical records are obviously still being filed and accessed by your deadname – remember the name you gave them when you first started abusing the medical system in your teens. Two, in an emergency room, staff are more concerned about saving lives than your hurt feelings. Three, if I were you, I would be worried about dying in my condo and no one caring enough to notice I had not been seen for a few days and to check on me until I started to smell from decomposition. Of course, from what we hear about the state of your condo, the neighbours probably won’t notice any difference.

Speculation is also rife that the Yaniv’s were on the Island to look at rental properties. Apparently, they are desperate to leave Langley. Somehow, I don’t think they will get the fresh start they are looking for in either Victoria or Nanaimo. There is this pesky little thing called the Internet which allows people to google you no matter where you run and hide.

July 6 should have been a court date for Miriam and Ilana’s criminal charges but not surprisingly, they did not show up BUT NEITHER DID THEIR LAWYER, Andrew Coulthard. He seems to have a thing about missing court dates with the Yaniv clan. We wonder why. Legal Aid not covering all the time and disbursements? However, as with Jonny, a warrant application was filed and if they don’t show up on August 3, they will be arrested.

Editor: Early August update…they showed up. See details here.

It didn’t take long but on July 7, the first reports of Yaniv abusing his “service dog” began to filter in. He obviously thinks yelling, yanking on the leash, dragging the puppy, and kicking it are all in the service dog training manual. Remember, he was turned down by all service dog training and funding agencies in BC, so he went to Alberta, got a puppy, and declared he would be training the dog himself. The question is… will the dog survive Yaniv’s abusive training methods? The other question is, why did he have to go to another province to get a dog? Is his local reputation that toxic? Or has word about being an animal abuser spread?

Next day, after being caught abusing his puppy, Yaniv took to Twitter to defend himself and threaten to report anyone who reported him to the Langley RCMP – the same detachment he is suing. Jonny has equated reporting his animal abuse with threatening him.

Miriam and Jonny were back in court on July 9 trying to get their lawsuit relocated from Surrey to Abbotsford. Surprisingly (or not), the Judge took the entire case and tossed it, saying that the Court had no jurisdiction to hear the case. But that didn’t stop Jonny. He told the judge that he was wrong, breaching courtroom and legal protocol.

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Remember Jonny is a self-proclaimed legal advocate. He has no formal training or experience other than being a vexatious litigant. Dumb Ass, if you think the judge is wrong, you APPEAL the decision. But then that would cost money to file. When the judge would not be swayed by Jonny’s sputtering indignation, he asked that the judge transfer the case to the BC Supreme Court via the Abbotsford registry (thereby saving Yaniv the cost of refiling in the superior court. Knowing JY, he probably thought if he could say that the judge had refilled and moved his case to Abbotsford, that the Strata would fold and offer a settlement. Didn’t happen and the question is now whether the Strata will go for costs so that they do not have to pass the legal costs on the Yaniv’s neighbours. And the clan wonders why no one will say hello to them.

A week later, on July 19, mother and son withdrew the lawsuit against Miriam’s Strata. Will the Strata follow up on the revelations in the lawsuit’s accompanying documentation such as Jonny renting a portion of Miriam’s condo for commercial use?

July 20 was another bad day for Yaniv, legally speaking. His lawsuit against the RCMP, the Township of Langley, the City of Vancouver, and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General was tossed out by the Judge at the settlement conference. Yaniv really expected to walk away with at least go away money, if not he really wanted to proceed to trial. All his claims were dismissed, and his real win will occur it the various levels of government do not go after hint for costs.

A few days later on July 23, Miriam was spotted walking her son’s “service dog”. The dog was reported to be out of control. How’s that service dog training going Jonny? No way you and the dog are going to pass the certification and registration trials at this rate. And, certainly not before your August 18 and 19 criminal trial.

Editor: Early August update 2…trial has been delayed again. Details here.

Was Miriam walking his dog because he was too busy preparing and then filing the legal documentation to withdraw his lawsuit against his own Strata? How many times has he threatened to sue or actually did sue either his or his mother’s strata since they moved in? By our count, he has filed lawsuits at least three times. As for the threats, we would assume he is still making them on a weekly basis, although his neighbours and strata management now just ignore him.

The following day, Langley Resident reported that the Langley RCMP were at Jonny’s unit and Miriam was hovering in the front. Was it a wellness check on the puppy? Did someone make a complaint about animal abuse after he was spotted at Walmart abusing the dog. Did Walmart turn their security camera footage over to the RCMP or the BC SPCA? Or had he received the documents from the July 20 settlement conference.

On July 25, Yaniv was about and about taking pictures in the washrooms (the women’s we assume) at the local Guilford Mall. He posted a picture of a poster in the bathroom supporting its use by Trans women. He did not post any pictures (this time) of either himself or the young girls who were also in the bathroom.

But he was also very triggered on the 25th, lashing out again at the Langley RCMP and, one female constable. Speculation is that she was on the call to his Strata the day before and he couldn’t pull any shit with her. Everything would have been by the book and documented. So, Jonboy what do your condo cameras show of that encounter? Could they possible show your mother rushing over to calm you down the next day after you were spotted kicking your puppy in the Strata courtyard?

Jonny ended the month by tweeting out that he was on a conference call with Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC Chief Medical Officer, Minister of Health, Adrian Dix and Dr. Victoria Lee, CEO of Fraser Health (who Jonny also tried suing). It was a bit of an overreach as it was a phone-in community Townhall. He did not ask one question or make one comment except to try to make it sound like he was part of the panel online as the local trans activist. Within minutes, he was called out and the picture he posted of himself trying to look serious and engaged, was quickly circulated with questions about his health.

July came quietly to an end, but we have lots of fun in August to look forward to. MeowMix will cover it all. We also hope we will have good news on saving the puppy.

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