Jonathan Yaniv is in Hiding. Time to Turn Up the Heat.

Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv is in hiding – but they’re still creeping, preying, and stalking. JY’s Twitter account is all but dead. Their Facebook profile has been locked down for months. JY blocks comments on Instagram and TikTok. The “internet warrior princess” is feeling the heat.

stop jonathan yaniv child predator

You may not see JY, but I promise they’re watching what we’re doing online and reporting us all like crazy. JY wants us silenced, and will do anything to accomplish that, but JY must not win.

Remember the original Meow Mix site on Flickr? It was just a photo album of a few hundred pictures collected from Twitter and KiwiFarms. The original Meow Mix site was taken down after Yaniv complained.

Meow Mix returned on WordPress and amassed nearly 200 articles, compiled over 500 pages of JY’s legal docs, and started a sister site,, which currently hosts 200 videos and 4000+ pictures.

When WordPress eventually – and politely – emailed us to ask us to move to our own server, they stated they supported our free speech but felt we were a better fit elsewhere. They gave us all the time we needed to gather up our files, make sure everything was organized, and seamlessly transition our site, not to mention a full refund! Their tech support even provided some useful tips to make it go well! We were up and running in 29 minutes, and 100% operational within 48 hours.

We can’t be silenced. Neither should you. So even though JY is hiding, hoping this all blows over, we need to keep the pressure on.

How do we keep pressure on Jonathan Yaniv?

First, watch what they’re doing and respond accordingly. They’re platform jumping between Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Bumble, Tinder, and others. In most cases JY is a coward and locks down comments.

What can you do? Look at the users that like and comment on his material and reach out to them. Share information with them. In many cases these are young girls that have no idea about JY’s methods. Message them. Tell them the truth. If they doubt you, share videos or photos, or simply ask them to Google Yaniv themselves.

Second, every single person who has been victimized by Yaniv needs to speak up. Yaniv has made so many people fear him. How? JY makes ludicrous threats, prank calls, sends spam emails, creates fake accounts, and says crazy things. JY makes it so people just be silent to make them go away. This has to stop.

I know it’s scary and I know it’s hard but every one of you that has given in to Yaniv’s intimidation tactics has missed an opportunity to stop them. You have a responsibility to stand up against this. Contact your local police if he made the threats locally, and contact the Langley or Surrey RCMP. Contact CyberTip. Contact your local MLA, MP, Town Councillor, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, police ombudsman, the JCCF, social media safety and support groups, BarkTech, and even your local news. Google “predator watch groups” or search for related keywords on Facebook and contact these groups.

I know many people are afraid of retaliation and I understand why, but JY is backed into a corner and needs to be pushed even harder now. JY knows he’s exposed. He knows that we know that anything bad that happens to anyone that speaks up against him can be tied right back to him. JY is a coward now. He never faces confrontation anymore. He simply calls us all liars and ignores reality. Don’t fear retaliation! Tell your story!

Next, weaponize social media against them. Fight him on his turf, where he thinks he’s strongest. Take that away from him.

Here’s some steps you can take, in addition to the ones above:

  • Use your networks. If the right tech guy sees a post and knows a law enforcement guy who knows a lawyer who knows a prosecutor and they all talk to each other about this story they saw on social media…you get the point.
  • Join the Langley/Surrey/Walnut Grove/lower mainland BC area Facebook groups and crime watch pages and report Yaniv. Share Meow Mix. Share KiwiFarms. Share The Post Millennial. I challenge every single one of you to share ONE THING. I know how many people read this page every day. If each of you shared one thing to one page it would saturate social media.
  • Be present on every outlet JY has. People that prey on children deserve to be in the spotlight.
  • Look for popular YouTubers and Instagram accounts. Contact them. Ask if they’ll do a story or post something about JY. This works! If you’re friends with an influencer, talk to them. See if they can leverage their platform to protect innocent young girls.
  • Watch his usernames – Twitter (@trustednerd), Facebook (Jessica Simpson), Instagram (@trustednerd), Snapchat (@trustednerd). Did I miss one? Leave it in the comments below!
  • Look for his online lies and fight them. If you see something he wrote, reply to it.
  • Look for platforms like Wikipedia, celeb birthdays, net worth websites, etc. Any time you see a site that includes false information about him, contact them and get it fixed.
  • Participate in chats and forums about him – YouTube chats, Reddit, etc.
  • When you see the opportunity, share

I’m going to close this with a warning. Yes, I want you to contact people about JY and I want you to warn them, but please be considerate. Most of these people are not predator supporters. They don’t have a clue about JY. In almost every case they will be stunned and cut off ties. That’s a win. If someone fights back or gets rude leave them be. Let them live their cranky lives. One day they’ll clue in. Don’t make threats, don’t be a bully.

Share info compassionately. “Hello, I see you’re friends with Jessica Yaniv…I know she has a history of allegedly preying on underage girls and there’s some scary stuff online. Have you seen it? I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I wanted to make sure you knew.”

Do not be transphobic. Meow Mix is not transphobic. We are not attacking the trans community. We’re attacking Yaniv’s behaviour towards immigrants, underage girls, and other vulnerable people, and calling into question the sincerity of his trans claims, which appear completely and utterly invented as cover for being a pedophile.

Good luck to each of you. Do not give in to JY. Do not let this predator win. Take away every avenue and every alley he lurks in. Be louder than him.

Last note – don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you’ve done to stop Yaniv! Did you update Wikipedia? Tell us! Did you make a YouTube video? Let MeowMix share it! #TeamEffort

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