More Jonathan Yaniv Exposing Itself!

Warning – Graphic images of Jonathan Yaniv ahead.

Remember Jonathan Yaniv’s infamous tuna can dick pic? Now the predator has released an ass pic. Why would JY take this, send this, or think anyone wants it? This isn’t normal. And for all the filters JY uses, it couldn’t clean this one up? Seriously, for all the exposure of Jessica Yaniv out there, and all the filtered photos, JY couldn’t clean this one up even a little?

I can’t confirm this is real. I’ll never look closely enough. Seriously. Nope.

If you want to ruin your eyeballs, scroll to the next page. I’m sure it will make it to KiwiFarms soon enough. Their comments are always the best!

Before you do though, remember the dick pic? The chest pics? The short shorts and the tops being ripped open? You’re really sure you want to go down this road? You’ve seen Yaniv’s underwear and you still want to click this?

Scroll to the next page if you dare…