Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Who is Private Prosecution #19?

Since Jessica Yaniv’s legal name change to Jessica Simpson, we have had to change our search parameters for Yaniv’s legal claims. Although Jessica Simpson may be a more common name than Jessica Yaniv, the odds seem insurmountable that it isn’t actually Yaniv filing a private prosecution this time around? You might have better odds playing the lottery.

Who is the latest unfortunate victim to be Number 19 for private prosecution? This is the 54th or 55th legal incidence overall. Yaniv is really eager to earn those miles to be a Platinum Member of the B.C. Vexatious Litigant club!

The latest Private Prosecution emerging on September 03, 2020.
The first 18 Private Prosecutions issued between December 2019 and February 2020.

You’ll recall that the last set of private prosecutions Yaniv filed was in February before the COVID-19 lockdown and Yaniv is again weaponizing new legal battles in the courts now that services have resumed some normative operating levels. So I am assuming this is only the beginning.

If I was to want easy money on the table, I would put $100 down that it is another one against Donald Francis Smith. I am assuming with Smith overcoming his charges and Yaniv continuously ignored by local law enforcement for “crying wolf” regarding Smith, this is only the beginning of further malicious prosecution efforts.

Based on the death threats from August 19, 2020, publicized here, I am guessing Yaniv must be going on the defence to justify these actions under investigation by Langley RCMP. I would love nothing more than a search warrant and Yaniv having to explain where that cache of “multiple guns” are hidden. I look forward to having a play-by-play by @LangleyResident of action over at the Hawthorne.

So my bet is that Donald Smith is being prosecuted again. But now our bets turn to what could be the grounds of the new allegations? Yaniv has been riding this schtick for months on social media about some fictitious bomb (and sniper) threats, whereby they have explicitly accused Smith of being some “mad bomber”. Also recall how frivolous it was when Yaniv also accused Smith last October in Mandyleaks of Sexual Assault.

At Yaniv’s current trajectory down the rabbit hole, Yaniv may as well have accused Smith of being behind 9-1-1, the Coronavirus Pandemic, and rigging the 2016 US elections. This is the fantastical reality that Yaniv lives in.

I also want to stress that back in December 2019 when we reported the first four private prosecutions, we found matches from Yaniv’s name against Smith’s name when we searched the BC Court Services Online (CSO) website. However, we want to stress his matching method is not a “hail mary” for private prosecutions, as it was only a common denominator with the first four. We have good reason to believe that Yaniv filed more against Smith within the first eighteen, as well as alleged private prosecutions against Amy Eileen Hamm, Keean Bexte, and Kari Simpson, whose names do not show up under the LIMITED ACCESS or RESTRICTED ACCESS when searching their names on the CSO.

Do you agree with my theory? Or is there a new target? Perhaps the neighbours, the Choos, whom Yaniv is suing for alleged “malicious acts”, over accidentally leaving a pot of boiling water on the stove that led to sprinkler damage in his condominium (including Yaniv allegedly pouring a bowl of water in their closet)? Or could it be another shot against Amy Eileen Hamm? Maybe controversial and aggressive anti-LGBTQ+ preacher Dorre Love with whom the Yaniv’s had a confrontation with on the beach?

We look forward to your theories in the comments, as well as letting us know by checking out my survey on Twitter.

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