Jessica Yaniv v. Donald Smith (and the world): How it started?

Introduction to the Donald Smith Saga

Donald Smith outside of the BC Human Rights Tribunal on July 26, 2019.

It is empirically proven that compared to adults with normative development, individuals with developmental disabilities or more severe mental health issues experience significant social victimization. As a vulnerable population, these individuals are part of a protected class and deserve as much respect and dignity as anyone else.

For the few months, many of us have gotten to know more about Donald Smith. I, for one, fully empathize for the rough life journey Donald’s had, as he’s been someone prone to constant abuse and bullying, particularly by trusted members of society and our civic service. Donald does not come from privilege or have many friends amongst the middle class to help navigate him through social faux-pauxs and to have better pillars for supports in a system that fails to help him better his economic and life circumstances. Whether you love or hate him, Donald is not someone irredeemable, as he’s has proactively accepted ownership for his past mistakes and he strives to be accepted equally as everyone else. Trust has not and will continue to not come easy for Donald Smith.

Donald is intellectually challenged and economically disadvantaged individual who has been provided supported housing in Downtown Vancouver’s Eastside (DTES), a historically poor neighbourhood affected by the early 1980s de-instutionalization of mentally ill individuals from Riverview Hospital in the neighbouring suburb, Port Coquitlam. The DTES is also prolific for higher crime rates per capita than the rest of Canada. Donald makes do with the inadequate supports that he has available to him.

Donald has given his audience a tour of his circumstances: he tries to be proud of the little room of his own for privacy, but has had to share a communal washroom with other residents in the living quarters. Donald relies on disability payments, which have marginally increased with inflation in British Columbia. Many say Donald is a leech, but I don’t see that at all. Like many in his circumstance that finds difficulty in gainful employment, he remains in a poverty trap. Donald has had his sights set on having a YouTube channel where he could earn money like others having the entrepreneurial spirit. Sometimes his content can offend people, but he is transparent to his political beliefs such as fake environmentalism that suppresses Alberta’s oil sands in expanding a pipeline into British Columbia to ensure that the province get’s it’s fair share and better economic circumstances for all Canadians!

Donald continues to be proud as an independent journalist, but due to his social impairments, recognizes he would never be part of a team in the mainstream media. He accepts it and had prided himself in developing his own platform and audience with the YouTube channel “News Now Canada Independent Media”. He would provide live coverage of protests and summarizing events, which he deserves credit for his dedication despite trolling and criticism from those that intend on bullying on him. This channel has been shut down not once, but twice by a bully who continues a campaign of malicious prosecution, provocation and intimidation of Donald in order to get him charged- the directing mind behind the false DMCA shutdowns and other public mischief is Jessica Yaniv, formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv.

In an effort to provoke and intimidate Donald Smith, Jessica Yaniv has shut Donald down in mid-November and again right before Christmas. False DMCA complaints have unintended consequences that Yaniv may find out sooner-than-later could lead her into several legal troubles.

Donald, as I have come to understand, has no more than an eighth-grade education and has struggled to find his place in society shy of his soon-to-be 40th birthday. Like many people who fall through the system with disabilities and mental health issues, he continues to be stigmatized and treated insignificantly by members of law enforcement and society in general. This continues to exacerbated his distrust towards the institutions that are intended to protect us. Although Donald has acknowledged to me not all members of law enforcements are bad or corrupted, but he treads lightly when they’re in his polarity, as he believes the system is corrupt and lop-sided.

This distrust continues to be exacerbated with Jessica Yaniv in Donald’s life. Donald does believe the state is protecting Jessica by trying to charge him as a journalist to attend Yaniv’s court date for weapons possession on December 05, 2019.

As a person myself living with Asperger’s syndrome, the difference between the paths that Donald and I endured, is I that I had the privilege of having supports of a system that my parents had to profusely fight the system to have afforded to me so I can develop more normatively despite my atypical neurodiversity. Undeniably, Donald did not receive these type of supports and this is clearly the result of his socio-economic circumstances in life.

Donald Smith arrived to Jessica Yaniv’s criminal proceedings on December 5th, 2019 at Surrey Provincial Courts for two counts of illegal weapon possession where he was barred from entering and later arrested for alleging uttering threats toward Yaniv in a December 3rd, 2019 YouTube video. The situation in itself was provoked by Yaniv since July 26th, 2019, when Donald Smith first met Jessica Yaniv and law enforcement has disproportionally dealt with the situation and has not intervened to diffused the matters that have led to this unfortunate juncture.

We’ll recap here part one of four in the history between Donald Smith and Jessica Yaniv over the last few months. We’ll go back to the beginning…

BC Human Rights Tribunal

On July 26th, 2019, Donald Smith, as an independent journalist was joined by Dan Dicks of Press for Truth when they approached Jessica Yaniv outside the BC Human Rights Tribunal during her infamous vexatious crotch-waxing case. During this interaction, Yaniv was public portraying as having an array of disabilities from alleged paralysis and operating a scooter akin to Eric Cartman off of South Park.

It is the opinion of many that Yaniv has feigned disabilities to garner support from the Tribunal and law enforcement, in addition to the protected class of gender identity. When Donald and Press for Truth approached Yaniv, she appears to panic and lose her composure when engaged about her predatory actions exclusive to the case-at-hand, which included her alleged conduct toward minors.

In a state of agitation and combativeness, consistent with Yaniv’s subsequent behaviours toward journalists of Rebel Media in August 2019, Yaniv made a scene and called law enforcement with false claims of being attacked by protestors. There were even threats of alleging having pepper spray on hand (later affirmed to be carried around by Yaniv during the August 5th, 2019 podcast with Blaire White), another prohibited weapon in Canada, while Yaniv was on the phone with police.

As seen in other subsequent interactions, Yaniv was eventually shielded by her mother, Miriam Yaniv, whom also demonstrated her even more combative nature by uttering threats and committing physical assault enabling her offspring to play the victimization card all while captured on video to the contrary. Yaniv called the police claiming to be attacked by protestors claiming it was not a Despite the evidence, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) never charged either Yaniv.
Courtesy of Dan Dicks’ YouTube: Press for Truth.

As depicted in the video above, Donald had asked Yaniv and it was later clarified for Dan Dicks a very legitimate question of Yaniv’s history, “Why do you want to have pool parties with kids?”

Asides from infamy in the waxing cases, Yaniv was infamous for alleged child grooming, menstrual fetishism of teen girls and sharing links to child pornography, to name a few of the allegations on the table. Yaniv trolled thereafter online as part of a continued campaign to promote both online and offline to host topless outdoor pool parties with kids 12-24 without an adult chaperone within the Langley Township area. Even when trying to spearhead this event with the city council of Langley Township, in awkward fashion, Yaniv’s request was kindly put into abeyance until September 30, 2019- the very last day of outdoor pool season!

Donald took particular interest feeling that the much of the media was more interested covering the waxing cases and not Yaniv’s other predatory history and actions, which was positively correlated in a history of predatory behaviour. Yaniv’s infamy was so much that Twitter responses in the teens went into the hundreds and thousands- particularly when Yaniv would post going to Harrison Hot Springs and filming with children present, as well as claiming to having her period why she couldn’t swim at the Anderson Memorial Pool.

Post-Tribunal Phone Call

Within days, Donald tried to call Yaniv for an interview on his livestream to follow-up on the BCHRT proceedings, particularly about the pool parties. It was known publicly that Yaniv’s number was available online at Kiwi Farms. Although Donald did not have initial success, Yaniv did eventually call Donald back while he was live. Yaniv made threats of violence toward Donald with the statements, “I am going fucking kill you! I am not fucking exaggerating”; I am going to kill you and I am not even exaggerating”; and “You come near me you’re going to fucking die! And I am not fucking kidding” To date, these actions were condoned by Vancouver Police Department yet Donald was accused of allegedly uttering threats on December 03, 2019 and arrested December 05, 2019 at Yaniv’s hearing in the capacity of a journalist.

Video of Jessica Yaniv on/around August 08, 2019 threatening to murder Donald Smith over the phone.

In sum, the interactions between Yaniv and Donald began with Yaniv instigating violence and harm with threatening to pepper-spray and three count of murder verbally in Donald’s capacity to perform journalism. But Yaniv was not going to take any of this sitting down and would continue through August 2019 to escalate her obsession against Donald Smith.

We’ll continue more in Part 2 of Jessica Yaniv v. Donald Smith out onTuesday December 31, 2019.