Jessica Yaniv Still doesn’t get No Means No.

“What Jonny doesn’t get: Lewd comments, behavior, tagging doctors with pictures of your Stink Ditch.”

Jonathan Jessica Yaniv Simpson STILL doesn’t understand the concept of consent, this time tagging a female doctor to a tweet of his mangled stink ditch. At first, I laughed like the rest of you all, how far Jonny has plunged his life further into destruction. However, the more I thought about it, the more disturbing this situation became for me. Does Jonathan Jessica honestly believe that now that he has received gender reassignment surgery, tagging and presumptively sending pictures to unwilling women is okay to do now? Also, take note, Jonny, cause I know you’re reading this; just because it’s a doctor specializing in gender reassignment surgery, it doesn’t entitle you to wave your mangled penis at her. If I met a dentist on the street, I wouldn’t force them to look at my teeth.

Think about it, people, really think. Most women don’t enjoy unsolicited pictures of male genitals, but now that Jonathan Jessica mangled his male genitals into a bleeding Axe wound, he now feels entitled to force women in the medical field, as in women who are not his doctor, to see his mangled dick?

I’m still quite convinced Yaniv is misogynistic; he interprets somehow that he’s playing for the same team. Therefore, in his mind, women should grin and bear his creepy antics. Whether it be his unsolicited stink ditch pics, his lewd comments/harassment of Emergency Service Workers, forced service of vulnerable immigrant women, or exploiting young teenage girls for his creepy tampon fetish. And if they don’t, he cries transphobia or threatens violence and lawsuits.

Speaking of teenage girls, I feel this incident further proves that he showed his pre-mangled penis to teen girls during his volunteer days at Comorellii. The testimony of young fans describing Jonny sending them dick pics feels more valid.

But alas, I know Jonny has no interest in consent. We recently learned of his visit to a waxing establishment in a neighbouring town, demanding waxing services on his mangled penis. I thank karma for the way he looks and his even grosser garbage personally that prevents him from ever attracting a woman (it’s not like his preference is a woman around his age anyway) and I thank his narcissism that keeps him in the spotlight, announcing when and where he plans to attack others. It allows MeowMix and others in the community to come to women’s aid from this predator. Lord knows what hardship the woman would have to endure without it. Man or woman or other gender, most people prefer not to date or deal with a Professional Weak Ass Bitch that flings lawsuits at the first sign of hurt feelings. This Pedophile has a Disney-esque romance fantasy, dreams of walks on the beach and sharing ice cream with his teenage girlfriend. In reality, they would cause their partner absolute embarrassment by flinging complaints like a monkey throwing his shit around, same attitude and all. Likely cause her to lose friends from his creepy antics, possibly get her fired if he sabotages her boss’s business as a scam to make them buy his services.

But instead of becoming a decent person and MAYBE finding a partner, he has to resort to Flasher’s tactics, exposing his mangled penis to everyone to get some form of satisfaction. But we all know Jonny, we ALL know that in reality, you’re in a corner sadly playing with your dildos, playing with your raw bleeding horse meat of a penis, wishing that someone would love you. I have to ask you, Jessica Jonny Yaniv if you were Pre-Op, would you have still tagged the female doctor with a picture of your penis? Would you consider it right? Would you like it if men sent you dick pics? You rant that you don’t like it, must not feel too good (or maybe it does, I don’t know, you seem to enjoy having skin-colored dildos, yet you protest to no dick.) Do you ever consider other women’s boundaries? Just because two women are next to each other doesn’t mean we want to be in each other’s spaces. It’s not like your lesbian porn collection Jonny.

Speaking about your unrealistic view of women… Pro Tip Dude: Get off your creepy trip about finding a virgin. I mean, we know you’re a virgin cause no one would degrade themselves low enough to sleep with you, let alone give you two seconds of their time outside of a forced exchange, but quit the bull on finding one because in your mind “they are tighter that way.” We all can tell from your chats and conversations on your LiveMe that you’re super desperate and talk sexually to any woman or teen the minute they give you any attention. Your Madonna-Whore complex stinks like your mangled penis.

But I don’t have much faith in Jonny; I’m just waiting for his inevitable arrest from a sexual assault that he’ll inevitably perform (again.)