Jonathan Yaniv

Jessica Yaniv – Pedophile Stepmother?

Yaniv's latest scam attempt - LARPing as a mother. What are his motives?

I’m not even sure where to begin on this one. Please start by reading the tweet below, posted by #trustednerd Jessica Yaniv aka Jonathan Yaniv on the evening of July 16, 2020. Remember – we know Jonny is a pedophile, or as he would say, a minor-attracted person. That makes this fantasy extra scary.

Jonathan Yaniv pedophile July 16 2020 tweet about having a stepdaughter

First things first, we know the pedophile didn’t push out a baby. After all, his pussy is still tight…right Jon?

Jessica Yaniv tweet mocking Lindsay Shepherd

So what are the possibilities here? Did Yaniv find some poor dumb woman to con? Is Yaniv trolling everyone? Did Jonathan the drunk get a little too deep into the sauce last night?

I noticed Jonny has recently posted several tweets about God and Christianity. Perhaps these are a result of an immaculate conception and birth two years ago?

What are the odds that Yaniv, known for conning and grifting, starts a GoFundMe to raise money for this “daughter”?

Because Yaniv has deleted virtually everything he posted on Twitter before Dec 26, 2018, it’s hard to say where he was during this time. Maybe he was getting knocked up?

Could the baby be Elmo’s? I know, I’m grasping at straws here now. Even Elmo has standards.

Jonathan / Jessica Yaniv – Pedophile Papa?

In all seriousness though, what are the possibilities? JY claims it’s a stepdaughter, so it must be someone else’s child. Jonathan has never mentioned a kid before – and he would if he could – so it must be a new relationship he’s in. We know he catfished Tianna, Kayla, and Jessica in recent weeks, so it must be a VERY new relationship – newer than the end of June.

By Jonathan Yaniv’s logic, he’s entered into a relationship in the last 2-3 weeks with a woman (or man) who has a daughter, and it’s serious enough that he’s claiming it as his own.

We also know Jonathan Yaniv’s efforts to appear closer to godliness are a sham. Yaniv was raised Jewish, and while Christianity is an adjacent Abrahamic religion along with Islam, I personally question the authenticity of Yaniv’s claims. One does not fantasize about sleeping with menstruating teenagers, spout racist threats, abuse their mother, and encourage people to commit suicide while still genuinely holding typically Christian beliefs.

That means Jonathan’s plea for prayers is another one of his cons – this time he’s playing the sick child/religious card for attention and sympathy. If Jonathan wasn’t already a pedophile I would say this is a new low for him but it really isn’t.

Next up, how will Jonathan Yaniv, the Eternally Unemployed, support his new family? The Canadian COVID support money will dry up soon enough, and we know his business is basically dead. Jonathan can’t even demo liquor at a liquor store without being recognized as the Langley pedo these days. How will he put food on the table?

Could it be that Yaniv’s new fling is from a wealthy family? Is that the latest grift by the Yanivs? Find a gullible, wealthy woman and shack up with her to live off her? That sounds like the Yaniv way! #FamilyValues

If Yaniv is trolling people, trying to get laughs on the back of sick child – even a fake sick child – I truly hope all the worst comes his way.

One thing we all know – Yaniv should never be allowed near kids. No parent in her right mind would ever allow this either, so I take some solace in that though. For now, all we can do is speculate though. Only #jyknowsit for now.

What do you think is going on on? Leave a comment below!

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