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Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Vendetta Lawsuits: Hamm, Smith, Now FHA/PHSA.

The Fraser Health Authority and the Provincial Health Service Authority are not the first to fall victim to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s vexatious, revenge-driven lawsuits. This is the just the latest in a pattern of abuse that has been turned up to 11 in recent years.

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Thanks to a friend of MeowMix from KiwiFarms for the inspiration behind this article and some of the pictures.

The Amy Hamm Lawsuit

Without retelling the entire thing, Yaniv invented a story about Ms. Hamm sexually assaulting him in a courthouse bathroom. MeowMix has not only proven that bathroom assaults are just a fantasy of Yaniv’s, but that Yaniv had a target on Hamm for a long time before they crossed paths at the courthouse in January 2020.

The slideshow below shows how Yaniv followed Hamm’s tweets for months before, as well as the accusations and aftermath.

It’s clear that Yaniv had an obsession with Hamm and when she wouldn’t bow to his superiority complex he found an opportunity to sue her. Yaniv feels that the courthouse gives him power. Combine that with Yaniv’s hatred for women and it fueled him to file a lawsuit to hurt Ms. Hamm.

Donald Smith and Yaniv’s Superiority (Inferiority?) Complex

Donald Smith started talking about Yaniv on his YouTube channel, particularly about the allegations of pedophilia. Yaniv, quick to see that Smith was perhaps neurodivergent, saw an opportunity.

Yaniv had failed in nearly everything in his life until this point but Yaniv saw a chance to strike. He viewed Smith as someone beneath him. Smith told his story, and Yaniv abused whatever chances he could to attack. Finally, when all else failed, Yaniv sued Smith. The case is ongoing, and Yaniv has already been told by a Judge that he’s more or less screwed, but he won’t let up. This is about revenge against what he believed to be the “inferior Donald” that spoke truth about Yaniv. It’s just as much about Yaniv being desperate for some kind of power.

A quick search of MeowMix will show the truth about the Donald Smith case.

The Aestheticians

Yaniv is a perpetual racist and bum. He has no career and nobody to love him. His attempts to run a business failed, and he can’t find anyone to touch his genitals. Add in his superiority complex, hatred for women, sexual depravity, and desperate need for power and it’s a recipe for a mess.

Yaniv sued nearly 20 aestheticians for not waxing his genitals. At face value, Yaniv did have a case, except it came out that he targeted these women for race based motives, and the vast majority were successful home-based entrepreneurs. Yaniv saw a chance to take advantage of them and took them before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

This was about money as much as it was about Yaniv’s hatred towards the world and desire to get even with someone. When it blew up in his face and he had to pay $6,000 he found a way to sue them again for revenge. He was later forced to drop that too.

Seems to me that Yaniv saw these women as more successful than him, viewed them as “beneath him” because of their ethnicity, was angry that no woman would ever touch his genitals, and saw an opportunity to attack them.

FHA/PHSA Revenge

First, it’s worth noting Yaniv’s mother worked for the Fraser Health Authority for a very long time. I wonder if she inspired his hate for them. There’s also these handy screenshots showing Yaniv’s pattern of attacking them.

Makes you wonder if you can look at his social media history and predict future lawsuits…

These and other Jessica Yaniv Simpson screenshots, pictures, and videos can be found on MeowTube.