Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Twitter Purge and Karotz Claims

Jessica Yaniv Simpson started 2021 off with an arrest warrant and a lobotomy and has started 2022 with an apparent effort to rebrand his social media presence and paint himself as a member of the legal community.

I want to wish our readers a Happy New Year and Jonathan Yaniv a friendly reminder that we’re not going anywhere. MeowMix has been focusing on the bigger stories lately and saving the smaller details for our monthly wrapups, which has led to fewer but more high quality postings. To be clear, lack of daily posts doesn’t mean we’re going quiet. We’re here to stay – and everything the Langley Pedophile does will be documented here.

To support Yaniv’s rebranding, Jonny purged over 50,000 tweets from his Twitter account and has switched from stalking Donald Smith to retweeting legal info and attempting (unsuccessfully) to join in with real lawyers and their conversations. The only thing left after the purge were a few random retweets and JY’s long history of things he’s “Liked”. His efforts carried over to Facebook and LinkedIn as well.

jessica yaniv simpson

Honestly this is one of my favourite pictures of Miss Piggy. It encapsulates so much about him in one shot – paranoid, incompetent, fake, grotesque, dirty. Quick list of highlights from this picture…

  • Wash your hair, greasepig.
  • Learn about mirrored images and how to post them properly. A tech guru should know this.
  • LOL @ the camera on the wall.
  • Ease up on the filters porky.

Yaniv’s rebranding effort include some plagiarism of (albeit with very minor – and low quality – revisions) tweets from a real lawyer and posting them as his own.

Plagiarism? That doesn’t sound like something JY would do at all.

And some profile revisions – two pictures and several bio updates.

Remember that time JY posted a picture of his infected axe wound and tagged in a random female doctor to ask her opinion? This is reminiscent of that – JY jumped into a conversation that wasn’t about him and asked a woman about her psychological effects related to the COVID vax. Then he mentioned a rash. Was he asking her if she had a rash? Creepy. JY is a rash.

More obsessing about DFS.

Most hilariously, JY responded to this law office job posting, saying he’s interested in being their “Operations Manager”. I can’t even choose which response to type to this. I’ll have to settle with “L oh fucking L”.

Yaniv’s rebranding efforts will obviously be unsuccessful. People still reply to his tweets to point out that he’s a pedophile and a scammer, and he hides those, but the people that matter still see them. It obviously goes without saying that anyone hiring for a law office will do their due diligence on Yaniv and steer clear. Nobody would want him on their staff. Too high risk, low skill, low IQ, and dangerous to female employees. At least we have something new to laugh at for 2022!

Unrelated to Yaniv’s effort to paint himself as a “paralegal candidate”, he also wanted the world to know he was the brains behind the failure of the Karotz product. Never heard of it? Nobody has. The short version is that it was a “smart robot” based off two previous generations of “smart rabbit” called Nabaztag’s, which JY had nothing to do with. Think of it kind of like a low-tech, low-feature Amazon Alexa (and that’s giving it too much credit).

Jonny made a hilarious effort to paint himself as the “Director of Marketing” for the long-defunct Karotz product, stating he spent years bringing the tech to North America. There is no evidence to support this. Everyone MeowMix contacted scratched their heads about this claim. There is absolutely no record on Google of this. Formal press releases related to the Karotz product are all linked to other names.

At best, the only ties between Karotz and JY that anyone can find are that he wrote (or edited and shared as his own) a plugin for the Karotz product to play a Las Vegas radio station. The best info we can provide is that Yaniv and his furry friend “BadBoyBunny” did some “DJ’ing” and posted YouTube videos with the Karotz. Jonny posted a video here (don’t rush to delete it JY, it’s saved for MeowTube)

My theory is that Yaniv obtained a few free product demo’s from the Karotz team after writing the radio plugin (and by using his phony TrustedNerd brand). He then promised to market the product in North America. A few of JY’s freebies ended up in the hands of the Cimorelli family – and then the dumpster of the Cimorelli family. There’s even a post on the official Karotz Facebook page thanking him for the radio app. Would the official Director of Marketing thank himself on an official product page?

I invited JY to correct this info – and provide evidence.

The video for the above is here.

PSA: If you are a business owner and JY has contacted you to be your “marketing professional”, the above image tells you all you need to know. Instead of looking forward, trying to find new and better ideas, the best thing JY wants is for the world to go backwards. Go back to old, failed gadgets run by old, failed companies. There’s not a single new idea in that oversize head of his. Steer clear, unless you want your “Director of Marketing” to write ads that include underage girls with their tongues out. Also telling is that this video, which he “put so much effort into” as the “Director of Marketing” is “never before seen”. Jon – real businesses that have a real “Director of Marketing” have marketing material approved by the “Director of Marketing”. If you were the “Director of Marketing”, why is this project “never before seen”?

Even if JY did have some official ties to Karotz, what kind of idiot thinks it’s a good idea to advertise that they were the brains behind the failed marketing of a failed product?

Do you believe JY? Tell us – and him – what you think of his rebranding and Karotz campaign in the comments below!


This slipped by me the first time but jumped out at me on a second reading of this post. Here’s proof that Jon was never employed by Karotz (or the parent companies behind it), and was never their “Director of Marketing”.

Jon has a very bad (for him) habit of letting truth slip out. He refers to the company behind Karotz as his “client”. If they were his client, which I’m doubtful of, that would make JY a contractor, not an employee. Contractors typically don’t have titles, especially not “Director”-level titles.

Let that one slip through eh Jon? Nice try!