jessica yaniv simpson

DEFEAT! Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Frivolous ToL/RCMP Lawsuit Thrown Out!

As predicted earlier this week, we have confirmed that Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s frivolous lawsuit against the Township of Langley, City of Vancouver, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, and RCMP was swiftly thrown out the first time a Judge looked at it.

jessica yaniv simpson

Citing court rule 7(14)(i) and (ii), Yaniv’s file disclosed no triable issue and was entirely without reasonable grounds, prompting BC Small Claims Judge T. Dion to dismiss it and end the whole shitshow. That must have come as a shock to Jonathan considering that this occurred during a settlement conference – one where he likely expected to walk away with thousands of dollars. Maybe that’s why he’s been so quiet on social media lately.

This is another in a long string of legal failures by Yaniv, most recently highlighted by lawsuits against his and his mothers strata corporations being nearly-simultaneously thrown out of court, and after a Judge awarded DFS $350 of Jon’s welfarebucks.

Jon seems to have gone to his default hiding hole, Harrison Hot Springs, where he ran to after Sara and Arianna came out as catfish. Perhaps he needs the hot water to wash away the shame and embarrassment.

Another explanation? The hot water is the only thing matching his hot temper right now, as he’s lashed out twice in recent days (remember that this settlement was 10 days ago) against the Township of Langley and RCMP on Twitter, including one direct attack against a female officer.

20210720 - Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Township of Langley et al Settlement Conference Order Dismissal
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