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Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s SFU Antics Exposed!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has been actively posting on social media about his attendance to various universities in the Lower Mainland area – mostly Simon Fraser. Fortunately, thanks to various sources and Jon’s fat mouth we’ve been able to whittle down some truth and some pretty solid theories about what is really going on. This will be part 1 of a 2 (or more) part series about Yaniv’s university life. An updated university campus alert poster is at the end of this article.

This MeowMix feature is a deep dive into Yaniv’s university universe so far, including his claims, his interactions online with students, and some private chats. It’s lengthy, with dozens of screenshots and photos. We’ve answered as many questions as we can, but the reality is that Yaniv is an expert manipulator, and liar, and we have many questions left unanswered.

Remember, Yaniv has chosen to brand themselves as a celebrity, and they’ve entered the public arena. Even the BC Supreme Court has stated that Yaniv’s misadventures are in the public interest. This exposure is what Yaniv has asked for.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Goes to School(s)?

First, he claims to be attending THREE universities seeking multiple degrees, including an Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, and various legal studies at the University of the Fraser Valley. He’s also mentioned courses at Douglas College and Langara College, both of which have partnerships with SFU. It’s also worth remembering he tried to claim he was attending law school at UBC once.

He’s posted on Facebook contradictory info that he’s double majoring in Criminology and Psychology at SFU Burnaby, and added that he’s studying Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at SFU Burnaby. Specifically speaking, we know he’s taking “Gender Talk” in person this fall. He claims his minor is gender studies.

Even more contradictory to the above, he’s told students at SFU that he “wishes” he could attend courses at UFV or Douglas at the same time as his studies at SFU. Which is it? He *IS* taking courses at UFV and Douglas or wishes he was? He’s also inquired about parking at both SFU Surrey and SFU Burnaby.


He’s brought up his 2005 attendance at Kwantlen Polytechnic, bragging to SFU students that he studied computer sciences there. He also cautioned them, saying it was extremely, extremely, extremely (yes, three times) hard and students should only take two or three courses at a time. He went on to mention the porn website Chaturbate, which features live porn via webcam, and said that’s where Kwantlen students go.

Whatever you make of the above, that’s what he’s claiming.

Follow the Money

The leading theory is quite a bit different. While Yaniv claims he’s completing his Bachelors and Associates degrees in various programs, most people think what he’s really doing is taking a few courses from various university departments – general studies.

To support that, SFU criminology program alumni have contacted MeowMix to refute Yaniv’s claim of being part of that program. According to our source, since Yaniv hasn’t completed any of the prerequisite courses, and he’s still a first year, he can’t possibly have actually declared criminology as his major at SFU. That typically happens going into the third year. Our source speculates that (at best) Yaniv is taking some of the lower division CRIM courses, but those are open to virtually anyone.

In short, since Yaniv hasn’t completed the above, his claim of being in SFU’s Criminology program is impossible.

I suspect the same is true about his Psychology major claims. In fact, while we can’t prove it, many people think it’s likely that Yaniv was accepted to SFU via their Diverse Qualifications Admissions program, which opens doors to students with learning disabilities, socio-economic challenges, or those facing sociocultural adversity or personal hardship – all of which Yaniv has claimed to experience in the past.

Further, many theorize that Yaniv is completing these studies to prop up his income through student loans. StudentAid BC offers living allowances for students as high as $1,716 monthly, although their website says that varies by other factors, including study period. While Yaniv likely isn’t collecting the maximum, he may be trying to dip into other programs offered by StudentAid BC, like this one designed to support students with disabilities. There are similar grants for deaf students, and federal versions that he may be tapping into.

It is unclear if Yaniv could collect his disability payments ($1,358 monthly plus $52 for transportation) the same time as his student loan living allowance. If so, his monthly income could be as high as $3,126, or $37,500 annually – about half the average annual BC salary according to ZipRecruiter. We also know he’s doing at least some freelance web design on the side, although it’s so little that it probably makes no meaningful difference.

On the student loan topic, Yaniv likely knows that student loans don’t need to be repaid until he finishes school. The smart money is that the stupid person will be a dumb perpetual student, forever racking up student loans until an eventual government forgives student debt or bankruptcy laws change to include them.

The Usual Antics Return

While it’s unclear what courses Yaniv is enrolled in, we do know he’s up to his usual shit – preying on students (young women of course), racism, propping himself up as a celebrity, and attention-seeking. How do we know this? Because students (and “students”) are talking to us and telling us how they feel about Yaniv.

For the most part, people are being polite. Many students don’t know who he is. They can tell from his picture and his social media posts to SFU groups that he’s has some special needs, and they’re friendly to him the same way you’d cast a passing smile or wave to a department store greeter on the way in. This generation is conflict-averse, and Yaniv is capitalizing on it.

MeowMix has been in contact with several students who have expressed their concerns and fears about Yaniv. For their safety we aren’t posting those conversations or names, but word is spreading about his criminal charges, the ball-waxing, the racism, pedophilia, and other predatory behaviour. The students are talking amongst themselves. Those that we contacted have expressed gratitude, even relief, that we’ve reached out to them with warnings. Some have said that our data has reinforced that niggling red flag in the back of their minds when they see him post on student sites.

MeowMix has also been in contact with a young woman named “Emma”, who found herself in a SFU student WhatsApp chat with Yaniv and several others. Of course, Emma is a friend of MeowMix and she didn’t find herself there accidentally.

Check out these chat logs. Note that the ones that say “SFU New Students 2022” are group chats with other students, where I’ve blacked out their numbers and names. The ones with a phone number at the top are private chats between Jon and Emma.

Note there are some gaps in the conversation where the discussion didn’t include Jon, or was simply immaterial.

“Extremely, extremely, extremely hard”. Note, he has no current certifications or training. He enrolled in an entry level 2-year computer sciences program and took 4 years to complete it.

Doesn’t want to drive to campus twice a week, but wants a parking spot assigned. Entitled much?

Everyone remember this? Please, PLEASE share this clip every time you see Yaniv engage in some sort of gender/women’s/feminist studies conversation.

Anyone else remember that time he said other trans people were “hypersexualized” and drag was a mockery of the LGBTQ community? (Saraleaks transcript, page 304). Now it should be taught in school?

Interesting that Jon left out the disparaging remarks he made about Meghan.

Yaniv keeps gloating about Meghan Murphy being deplatformed from Twitter while ignoring the fact that the world sees her as a victim and she’s garnered sympathetic ears from Joe Rogan to The Globe and Mail. She’s a successful writer, journalist, founder of a website, and has a Master’s degree. JY thinks he’s harmed her. All he’s done is boost her career and take her from platform to platform exposing him as a creep. What has it done for you Jon?

Any chance to introduce porn to the chat eh, Jon?

Another suicide bait/attention ploy. Probably the 1000th time I’ve seen him claim this.

With regards to the Walmart claim, more to come later…

Side note….maybe this is a personal pet peeve but I hate when people try to sound smart by using bigger words than needed. Jon likes to say simplistic when he means simple, and utilize when he means use. Just makes him sound stupid in my opinion.

The below chat was in response to some SFU students commenting about difficulties finding local housing and some of the scammers in the area.

The chats below are between Yaniv and Emma, one of the “students” from the above WhatsApp group chats. Yaniv engaged in a one-on-one chat with her, and built on his stories from the group chat.

As usual, Jon complains about people disliking him because he claims to be trans, while leaving out the attempts to lure 9 year old girls, the violence, the racism, the bullying, the pedophilia, the weapons, the assaults on seniors, the disability faking, the incessant waste of emergency resources, the topless pool parties for kids, etc.

Painting everyone that hates him as anti-LGBQT religious zealots? Hardly Jon.


Yaniv was recently convicted of uttering death threats to Chris Elston, or Twitter user BillboardChris. One of his probation conditions is no contact with Chris Elston. I’m very curious if talking about Chris Elston to a SFU student (and painting him as an anti-LGBTQ religious zealot) is a violation of Yaniv’s probation? I’m sure someone will make sure Chris receives these screenshots.

No clue why MeowMix exists Jon? Here Jon, let us remind you why MeowMix exists. To quote it,

Why does Meow Mix exist? Because there exists a space below the threshold for police action that requires community strength and action to care for, lest it be filled with darkness and evil, waiting to lure in our most vulnerable. I won’t stand by while people like Yaniv occupy this space, intentionally living in the gray area so they can get their rocks off.

I’ll let the MeowMix commentators take care of this one, but I urge you NOT to provide anything that can help him improve a future lawsuit or HRT claim. Criticize, but don’t correct.

To quote Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, “And here we go.”

And this is what that “help from our group” looked like.

More is coming soon, including Yaniv’s invasion of the various school social media pages, Reddit conversations, and a look at what the students REALLY think of Yaniv’s presence at their school.

In the meantime, please distribute this poster to all SFU/UFV/Douglas/Langara social media groups and clubs. Post it around campus, send it to email groups, whatever it takes.

If you send pics of it posted we will try to include it in a future MeowMix wrap-up or summary! PDF and jpeg versions below.

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