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Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s “Service Dog”: What We Know and What Has JY Planned?

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has been claiming to need a service dog for months, going as far as begging the court to delay cases so he can obtain one. He has obtained a dog and the shenanigans have begun. Here’s what we know.

  • Yaniv complained to Arianna that he needed a service dog for PTSD on February 27, 2021.
  • He obtained the dog, a male chocolate lab, somewhere in Alberta.
  • He was spotted with the puppy near Lake Louise, AB a few weeks back. We believe this was his return trip after picking the dog up.
  • It was first sighted in Yaniv’s building on June 24, 2021. Yaniv was telling people it was an “Emotional Support Animal” and the puppy is wearing a vest saying as much.
  • Yaniv tried to delay his costs hearing with DFS by saying he needed a service dog. This was dismissed.
  • At one point JY was sleeping on Miriam Yaniv’s deck/patio with the new dog because he was too afraid to stay at home alone.
jessica yaniv simpson
  • Miriam’s strata told them the puppy could not stay, and Miriam Yaniv demanded a strata meeting to address the matter. Expect a BCHRT case to be opened.
A letter sent by Miriam Yaniv to her strata corp. Obviously written by JY.
When the strata manager said she would attend a hearing via MS teams, Miriam responded with this. Note the difference in writing between the first email and this one.
  • Jon applied to several government agencies, charity groups, foundations, associations, etc. that provide service dogs and was denied across the board.
  • He applied for grant money to receive a dog and was denied.
  • He’s training this puppy himself to be a service dog or support animal.
  • Miriam was spotted walking Yaniv’s dog (instead of Yaniv doing it himself) on July 23, 2021. The pup was out of control, spinning her around and acting hyper.
  • Abuse allegation #1: People in Yaniv’s condo allege to have seen Yaniv abusing his dog by getting angry at it, yelling at it, and yanking aggressively on the leash.
  • Abuse allegation #2: He was allegedly spotted literally dragging it by the leash around the floor in Walmart in Langley on July 24, 2021. The puppy was yelping and barking and struggling. When Yaniv realized he was being watched, he started acting nice to the dog.
  • Abuse allegation #3: On July 25, 2021, Miriam was allegedly at his condo to calm him down after he (allegedly) lost his cool and kicked his puppy in the courtyard. The source on this story is admittedly not great.
  • Yaniv applied for (and was granted) a temporary trial adjournment for his assault charge trial on the basis that he needed a service / support animal.
  • There is an allegation that Yaniv killed someone else’s dog as a revenge act several years ago. There is no direct confirmation but the story has been reported to RCMP and the SPCA. This was during the “Yaniv gets away with extra stuff because he’s got the IQ of a shoelace” era.

It appears that Miriam may have also spent some time at JY’s house during this period because she sent an email out to several of her friends and family and described this as her “new living room”. Looks like a great place to raise a puppy.

We’ll provide more updates as info comes in. For now, we wonder what Yanivs motives are. Could he be waving a cute puppy pic in front of young girls on Snapchat? Is this a court prop? A sympathy stunt? What legal and human rights scams does Jon have on the radar?

You also need to ask yourself how a 400 lb., “mobility impaired” monster that can’t “ambulate” his ass over to the police station is going to walk a sporting dog (labs are the most likely dog breed to become obese), or how safe and accommodating Yanivs 500 square foot condo is for a working dog breed. I can already imagine Yaniv laughing at feeding the dog alcohol, painkillers, or letting it play with his extensive dildo collection.

Let’s be blunt – Yaniv drives across the street to his moms instead of walking and spends $75 per month (more than 5% of his total income) on a car wash membership instead of exercising and buying vegetables. Does anyone think he’s capable of raising a healthy dog, never mind training a genuine service animal?

We’ll be watching for these events and how Yaniv treats his dog very carefully. If you see Yaniv abusing his dog, contact the BC RCMP or BC SPCA at 1-855-622-7722.

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