jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Papergate Files: Blame the Black Men (and Amanda Todd!)

Imagine waking up and writing a “research paper” that blames Black men for rape. Or posting a “paper” that says if Amanda Todd was obeying the law maybe she wouldn’t have been a victim of crime. You probably can’t. Congratulations. You aren’t Jessica Yaniv Simpson.

That’s exactly what Jessica Yaniv Simpson did. Claiming it was for a Gender Studies project, Yaniv posted these two papers to ResearchGate. The contents are shocking. We’ve posted about his papers in the past (here, and here) but these are a whole different level of fucked up. They should speak for themselves, but I’ve added some commentary to truly highlight how vile and fucked up Yaniv is. These two papers in themselves go a very long ways to show that Yaniv is a pervert, a pedophile, a deviant, and a racist.

A quick note. I truly try to avoid writing anything that mentions Amanda Todd. Her tragic story has left an imprint on people around the world. Yaniv has spent years trying to paint themselves as the “next Amanda Todd”, while ignoring the fact that so many of the traits – and actions – of Amanda Todd’s predator match what JY has said and done. JY is the next Aydin Coban. Not the next AT. My heart breaks for Carol Todd, and the fact that Yaniv is trying to capitalize on her suffering is the only reason I mention AT’s name here. It’s important to make sure it’s documented that Yaniv does this.

And now the first paper for today….Note that I’m not bothering with plagiarism, grammar, spelling, etc. We all know content is stolen and it’s poorly written. Let’s focus on what these papers say, and what they reveal about the author.

jessica yaniv simpson

I’m not commenting on the feminist angle here. I’ll leave that for the comment section. I’m certainly not an expert.

Stop the fucking bus. “It’s cases like that of Amanda Todd’s as why pornography should be considered illegal in countries such as Canada. If the consumption and creation of pornography was outlawed in Canada, it would make cases such as those of Amanda Todd’s easier to prosecute in my belief”.

Read that a few times.

He goes on….“Creation of pornography, such as that of the case of Amanda Todd”. My head exploded here. Jessica, you pedophile fuck, I know you read MeowMix, so let me educate you.

Amanda Todd did not create pornography. The images and videos of AT are not pornography. Those are child sexual abuse images. AT was a victim of sexual exploitation. You should know this Jon. You’ve done the same thing. Remember Madison? Remember trying to tell her she would sleep better at night and get better grades if she helped you watch porn? And that she should have her 9 year old sister help too? Because it would only take 15 minutes? That’s sextortion, and grooming. That’s the same stuff Cobin did to AT. I have no doubt that you’ve done worse, too. None at all.

Moving on, notice that JY not only knew where Todd’s images and videos were posted originally, but he also knows how to find them ***NOW***. That’s VERY telling and , in my opinion, is a clear sign that Yaniv is well-versed and experienced in finding CSAM online.

That’s it (I’ve cut out a couple pages of citations). That’s what Yaniv calls a research paper. Barely two pages, double spaced. It doesn’t even answer the question posed in Yaniv’s title. It’s garbage, academically, but priceless as evidence that Yaniv is a pedophile.

I think it’s also worth pointing out Yaniv’s porn obsession here. Head over to MeowTube, to the photo gallery. Click “Obsessions” and then “Porn” to see a wide range of pictures showing Yaniv’s deviant obsession with porn. Yaniv often brags about having an OnlyFans or MyFreeCams account, or being “in a porn” with a “friend” who’s “OnlyFans site you should support”. He once created a mirror to Meghan Murphy’s website Feminist Current that redirected to an extreme porn site, and he often tweeted to porn stars compliments about their content.

Makes it pretty clear that Yaniv’s claim to be a feminist that wants porn banned are pretty empty.

Of course, Yaniv didn’t know when to stop after just one crazy paper. He followed that up with this piece. Our team was speechless.

The very first sentence…”As a radical feminist myself”. Flashback to November 2020, when Yaniv watched an online stream of feminists and posted to Snapchat the following snapshot:

What an inspiring “radical feminist”.

Next sentence: “I see how male violence the cause and effect of male dominance towards women is”. What? That’s about the quality of writing we get for the next 5 pages. I won’t point of every instance of stupidity because there are far bigger problems in this paper.

When it comes to black men and black male violence, such as rape, the stereotypes are powerful. The stereotypical association of male violence and rape with black men is prevalent, as black men are seen with unusually large penises that damage women’s’ bodies. As such, who to accuse of rape and other forms of male violence is often stereotypical onto the black man.

Imagine writing that in a research paper. I can’t even fully tell what he’s saying here because it makes no sense whatsoever to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. If saying that white rapists are invisible because black men have bigger dicks? Is he saying it’s rape if a black man’s penis is too large? Is he saying well-endowed Indo-Canadian men are automatically rapists? Is he saying anyone with an above-average penis is a rapist? Because women can’t consent to a man with a big penis so they must be victims?

Rape is almost always associated with black men and in British Columbia, Canada, as an example, by Indo-Canadian men” Read that again. He goes on to say that white men are rarely accused of rape and “often held unaccountable”. That phrase doesn’t even make sense, for starters (you don’t hold people unaccountable) but it’s complete and utter racist bullshit.

Seriously though, I don’t know what the key takeaways are from these “papers”. They don’t tell me anything about feminists and porn, or “why do radical feminists see male violence as cause and effect of male dominance”. They do tell me that Yaniv holds some very racists, stereotyping views of men of colour, and that Yaniv is a pedophile that things 11-year-old girls “make porn”. I know I’ve skimmed over these papers rather quickly, and there’s so much more wrong with them, but these are the two things I felt most important to emphasize. Yaniv knows where to find the Amanda Todd CSAM online, even today, and Yaniv is very, very afraid of “big black penis”.

I wonder if the SFU faculty know their names are attached to these papers? And if these papers fall within the scope of studies for SFU’s Gender Studies or Crim programs. We’ll likely never know, due to privacy laws, but it makes you question the standards of SFU as a whole.

What will his next paper bring?