Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Nikolas Cruz “Research Paper”: Plagiarized Trash

Let’s be real. Did you expect anything more from Jessica Yaniv Simpson?

Thank you to a friend of MeowMix for lending his time to run Yaniv’s papers through a premium academic level program, and then double checking them on various freebie sites as well.

This is the first in our review of Yaniv’s publicly posted research papers. These papers are copyrighted, and while I could really care less about that, posting the actual paper on MeowMix is a waste of space. If you want to read them, check out ResearchGate. Our review of them is below.

First up, a review of Yaniv’s Nikolas Cruz paper, entitled “Is Nikolas Cruz Really Mentally Ill, Or Is It Just a Game”? Even the title is bad.

Remember, this is someone who says they’re “marketing director” material, and attacks companies and people that don’t proofread their content. This is someone who gloats about working on four majors. This was written by someone that wants you to forget that it took them four years to get a two year diploma, and someone that calls themselves well-spoken,

Starting with the header….which course is this for? Crim 230 or 105? Does JY know where they are right now? Why can’t they get past the header without fucking up?

And the overall score our software review gave to this paper:

Of course, a huge portion of the actual content is – you guessed it! – plagiarized. This first image below shows the content details BEFORE our reviewer deleted the plagiarized content.

The second picture shows the content after deleting plagiarized content – nearly 1/3 of the content was removed, plus the quality of content went down. JY used shorter words and longer sentences than the content he plagiarized.

The source of much of plagiarized content was this, plus direct copying of media sources discussing the Nikolas Cruz story. JY often tweaked the plagiarized content by adding in padding words like “huge”, “really”, or “as well”.

The pictures below show the errors and suggestions this software recommended.

The highlighted portion below is just one example of plagiarized content.

The funny part in the next picture is that the word “really” was flagged by this software. “Really” was the only word JY added to this sentence, which was otherwise stolen. JY’s only contribution to this sentence was one word and it’s wrong.

Even little things, like consistent formatting of a date, were fucked up.

As you can see, these research papers, some of which he claims to have been graded 100% on, are trash. The quality content they contain is plagiarized, and then diluted with Yaniv’s “really” “huge” contributions. What little content is actually written by JY is riddled with errors and mistakes.

From our reviewer:

Academic View – Poorly structured, repetitive and no explanations of the relevancy of over half the statements made. The conclusion is a reworded version of what appears to be the TV and press coverage rather than an attempt at analysis. As the issues start with the proposed question, the class it is relevant to and the inability to structure basic questions it would be failed.

The score of 61, shown above, includes all content. Removing everything not written by JY drops the score to a meager 35%. Many of the quotes Yaniv includes aren’t in context, not relevant, or don’t reference a source. Other than the quotation marks, you wouldn’t even know they were a quote.

The worst part? Of all Yaniv’s papers published so far, this one has the lowest plagiarism score, and the highest amount of errors. Yaniv’s other papers include more plagiarism and fewer errors. Of all the papers, this one was the “most Yaniv”. Could it be a sign that Dear Jonny isn’t playing with a full deck? Where is his special needs handler he had from school?

More reviews coming soon, but they don’t get any brighter than this one. Yaniv’s best work is, at best, middle school level.