Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Lawyer Training Paying Off with Super Professional Email

As you may have seen, Jessica Yaniv Simpson proudly showed off an email with their mothers strata council regarding a meeting, where the strata stated that dogs may not attend. JY tried to say this was “discrimination at it’s whole”. We all know that Jonny’s untrained service dog and his moms rat dog are the dogs in reference. As the professional lawyer in training, Jonny replied back:

How professional, however we all love where this is going. We have been in contact with many witnesses. The pair never show actual documents of their dogs being service animals, but instead flash printed web documents from the BC government website about dogs not needing a certificate. Take note all lawyers, current lawsuits, and businesses. The Yanivs dogs are nothing more than untrained barking nuisance animals with untrained barking nuisances attached to them.

The back story on this is that Jon Yaniv has doubled down on the service dog scam. Miriam Yaniv bought a vest for her little mutt and they’re claiming both dogs are training together. Jon is demanding access to the strata and they won’t let the dog, which causes a disturbance and isn’t behaved at all, into the building. Jon says it’s a service dog. Reality says it isn’t. This makes Jon Yaniv mad.

In case you want to send JY your feedback, his contact info is above. And below.

Alternatively, you can send him a letter at 203, 8915 202 St., Langley, BC V1M 0B4.

Not your thing? Give Miriam or Ilana a piece of your mind at PH4, 8880 202 Street, Langley, V1M 4E7.

Maybe you want to email Miriam? Try [email protected], or [email protected]

Or Ilana… She can be reached at [email protected]

Of course, you can always email Jon the Con at [email protected] or [email protected]

You can reach JY by teletype (lol!!) at 778-705-1147 or video relay service at 778-819-2740.

Maybe phone is your thing? He goes through numbers fast. Known numbers include:

  • 604-355-1240
  • 778-655-1677
  • 778-222-7097
  • 213-479-9983
  • 778-705-1147
  • 778-825-0259

Miriam could be reached at 236-412-4128 at one point. Try 778-906-0335 if that doesn’t work.

Chances are most of the above numbers won’t work. 9983 is your best bet though. Jon “Fat Man In A Dress” Yaniv likes to use text apps to change numbers often.

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