Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Unsettling First Days at UFV; Campus Alert Poster

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has started attending mostly-online courses selected a la carte from the University of Fraser Valley Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate program, according to sources and Simpson’s own social media postings. As we predicted, Yaniv’s presence on campus wouldn’t go unnoticed by the most tech savvy, social media connected generation humanity has ever known, and Yaniv isn’t happy about it.

JYS’s presence has been most noticeably seen on a UFV-related Discord server, where Simpson is playing all the usual cards. Instead of laying low and trying to get a genuine education, Yaniv drew attention to themselves with stories of transphobia, the ongoing bomb threats, violent hate campaigns, their lawsuits and human rights “activism” efforts, and service dog.

Some of the Discord messages are shown below.

When students started to talk about this amongst themselves, JYS erupted with a violent threat to destroy the university career of the students involved, calling them anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ. Despite the fact that several students – male and female, of various ages and ethnicities – expressed their concerns, JY disturbingly singled out one student in particular for their wrath.

I’m honestly struggling to describe how screwed up it is that Simpson/Yaniv targeted this particular student. I’ve redacted her name from the article to prevent it from showing up in searches (it’s shown in the picture with consent for contextual purposes). This person is a young woman of colour, a successful student, a writer, speaker, disability advocate, blogger, works with youth, has a genuine service dog, and is disabled. If one person could wrap up everything JY wants to be and hates all in the same package, she is it. Given JY’s history of targeting women of colour, this comes as no surprise.

At the time of writing, it isn’t immediately clear why JY targeted this woman out of all the students, but a quick scan of her Twitter feed shows her concern but absolutely zero transphobia or bigoted behaviour. She wasn’t even the first student to report on the topic. Other students had commented before her and expressed similar fears for their own safety.

When students expressed concern that a person like Jessica Yaniv Simpson was attending their campus, Yaniv twisted this into bigotry and transphobia and anger when it reality it’s fear of a person known across the Lower Mainland for seriously dangerous behaviour.

Other than a few outliers who need to wake up to 2021, Yaniv isn’t hated for being trans. Yaniv is hated for what they do to people, especially women and people of colour, and Yaniv is already doing it again. The real question is what will Yaniv do next?

Students are genuinely afraid for their safety. Details from a letter sent to UFV administrators shown to MeowMix (which we cannot publish) show that this fear is already widespread and students are taking action. Some have shared their concerns with friends and their parents, while others have written to the school, contacted campus security, and even filed police reports.

Their concern isn’t that a trans woman is on campus. Jessica’s “transness” isn’t even mentioned in the letter. The concern is that Jessica Yaniv is talking about being the victim of bomb threats, that JY has an extremely litigious history and is already threatening the school and students, or that Jessica will harass, stalk, or doxx students.

The letter states that multiple students are experiencing “great anxiety” and “crippling fear” and that some students have considered leaving UFV because of the fear of an accidental run-in with JY. This was echoed on social media, where another student posted “the most terrifying thing in my life right now is the fact that Jessica Yaniv goes to my university.”.

The Discord messages above have been shared with campus authorities. JY has apparently been banned from the Discord server but they have demanded to be let back in, stating it’s their right, and students fear retaliation. Given what we’ve seen on Twitter, their fear is valid.

According to sources, JY is only physically on campus every second Wednesday, although we have not confirmed this. Regardless, JY has access to student resources and information every day of the week and has abused private information in the past.

What’s also concerning is that JY is only required to be on campus occasionally but is allowed on campus at any time. With JY’s history of stalking, harassing, assaulting people, taking pictures of women in bathrooms and public spaces, and threatening both legal and physical action, are University of Fraser Valley students safe?

It’s noteworthy that UFV’s website shows there’s a 57/43% female/male student ratio on campus, 825 Indigenous students, and over 2,300 international students. That doesn’t include the POC that are born in Canada, which probably make up at least 50% of the student population, if not more. Given JY’s history of attacking these demographics, are these students safe?

UFV has a sister campus in Chandigarh, India. Through joint education programs, students that meet requirements can transfer between campuses. Given JY’s specific targeting of Indian and Sikh people, are those students safe?

Friends of MeowMix have developed this Campus Alert poster which can be shared on social media or posted on campus. Picture and PDF formats are below.

We recommend students report all JY incidents, regardless of their size and location. Record things when possible, and avoid walking alone. Contact Campus Security, RCMP, or UFV admins to report any negative interactions.

Simpson Campus Alert Poster
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