Jessica Yaniv Simpson Whines About Being Called a Homo

Meanwhile, Jessica Yaniv Simpson calls black people the N word, Muslims and Middle Eastern people “turban fuckers” and “curry shoving crapheads”, and every other immigrant “dirty” and “unclean”.

(Seriously, go to the photo collection on MeowTube, under Crime File -> Racism…it’s disturbing)

I honestly doubt this happened, but if it did, good. Jonathan Yaniv needs to start getting his own medicine thrown back at him.

But to add to his bigotry is the fact he uses the same homophobic slurs himself!!!!!

Clearly this shows Jonboy is the biggest (likely literally too) BIGOT. But cries like a baby for attention and a desperate need to be a fake victim.

This is the bed you made Jonny. Live with it. You made the world hate you. You made yourself into an ugly, unlovable monster with all the feminine qualities of a boulder, and you hate everyone you encounter.