Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs VCHA, Libel Charge Update

Late October 2022 was busy for Jessica Yaniv Simpson, and MeowMix has some details to share.

First, Jessica Yaniv was gloating on social media about winning “another” court case. Weird thing to brag about with his failure rate…

jessica yaniv simpson

He was referring to the fact that BC’s Crown Prosecutor has stayed the Publishing Defamatory Libel charge against JY in relation to these events. MeowMix was aware that Crown was investigating certain Charter issues in relation to this charge and suspected this could happen. Small victory for JY in that he won’t face the charge, but it stays on his record, and could be pursued at a later date.

JY previously gloated that Donald Smith’s charges in relation to events between JY and DFS were “only” stayed, and not beaten by DFS, and claimed DFS shouldn’t brag. I guess the same thing applies here.

Like I said, strange brag when you’re still a convicted criminal and the only case you’ve ever “won” have been when the other side didn’t show. Jessica Yaniv has a 0% success rate when actually opposed. #PHDinCriminology? Hardly. He wasn’t exonerated. He didn’t beat any charges.

20221028 JY vs Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Settlement Conference Record
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Unrelated, a settlement conference was scheduled between JY and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority for this same week. What happened at the conference was private, but we can deduce that it didn’t go well for Jonny. No settlement, and it’s been adjourned generally, which means indefinitely. If I had to guess, JY was told to come back with some real evidence, and he has none. Either way, an adjournment is a loss for Jon.